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Own your style

At Live-Linen we are lovers of art and of comfortable & quality fabrics.
We came across Linen in our journey to become masters at creating an enchanting style
of clothing wears, and materials for household decor and use.

Linen met our expectations a comfortable and top quality fabric.
In our production, we've manufactured top quality household
material for living room use. Curtains made of linen and lots
of kitchen fabrics in an assortment of colors and designs.

Our online store allows you to choose from aprons, napkins, pot holders, and table cloths of different designs.
Live-linen confidence lies in the quality we offer as our products are durable and long-lasting.

We are a team of passion-driven designers inspired by the comfort of linen. And we've made the application of this comfy material in bedroom clothing and women's wear. Duvet Cover, beddings, and numerous distinct designs of women's clothing are all made of 100% linen for maximum comfortability. Our delivery system is fast, reliable and we deliver precisely what you pick on our store.

“everything you can imagine is real.”