Live Linen - A Linen Story//

A journey from flax to you- Linen is creating magic every day!

Welcome to an enchanting world where ideas from all around the world blend and become a reality. Ancient folklore, a long-forgotten relic, a seamless sense of comfort, an exotic fabric, a spontaneous sense of style — each inspiration is expertly captured and eternalized in our gorgeous linen ensembles and home textiles.

With Indian season, nature-inspired colors, and a subtle touch of European elegance in each creation, we present you with our heart in the form of some fashionable apparel and home furnishing options. Cozy and comfortable, our skilled artisans ensure you get the best of the fabric’s breathability in each piece. The fine quality of our production resides in our belief in high-quality, comfortable, and peaceful living. Reflecting our fondness for the Indie-European roots, the subtle glimpse of our values can be seen through our unique embroidery and fine details.

Live linen is not merely your shopping place for quality linen fabrics, but an exceptional gallery of art and sonnet exuding from our every creation. Here each exquisitely crafted piece is a souvenir of Live Linen’s journey, bringing you endless comfort and the quality trust of Belgian linen. From it unfurls a masterpiece, woven with perfection to speak to the soul and reflect the tales of its sheer crafting. Today, we are proud producers of high-end, functional fashion with an ounce of elegance and only the best quality linen.