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5 Linen Products That Will Become Your Home Furnishing Staple

5 Linen Products That Will Become Your Home Furnishing Staple

The journey of Linen over the ages has been a fascinating one, to say the least. From being donned by the pharaohs of Egypt to becoming the choice of fabric for fashion enthusiasts across the globe, linen has truly shown a spirit of resilience that is commonly found in other fabrics.

Linen has the reputation of being a sophisticated and elegant fabric and rightly so. It exudes a certain sense of charm and finesses that makes it fit for the royals. However, this very reputation of linen often gives people the impression that linen might be a great fit in their day to day lives of the people and it should only be taken out for those special and prized occasions. This assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, you may have a few prized linen pieces reserved for those special moments of your life, but linen can fit in beautifully in your day to day life as well. Don’t believe us? Well, then let us take you through the 7 ways in which linen can become your staple.

Linen Bedsheets and Duvet sets: When talking about bedding, linen might not be the first fabric that comes to your mind. However, linen embodies numerous qualities which actually makes it a perfect fit for a bedding fabric. After all, there is a reason why linen bedding is so enduringly popular among influencers and high-end home decor magazines. Our linen bed sheets and duvet sets will not only lend an aesthetic charm to your bedroom but will also ensure that you have the most comfortable night’s sleep. Wondering how? Let us tell you.

To begin with, linen is stronger and more resilient than most other fabrics, hence in terms of longevity, it is quite unmatched. It has inherent hypoallergenic and antibacterial quality making it the perfect bedding fabric for kids and also for the ones having sensitive skin. 

What makes linen stand out the most when it comes to bedding is its unique temperature regulating quality.  Its inherent breathable yet heat-conducting nature means that it can keep you cool on a hot and sultry night, and it can also keep you warm and snug on a frost, chilly night. Not to mention it has amazing moisture absorption qualities, which means it will dry up much faster on an uncomfortable humid night.

Also, did we mention that linen ages like wine? Unlike other fabrics, which tend to lose their charm with consecutive washes, linen continues to revel in its glory irrespective of the number of times it has been washed

Linen Curtains: Just like your bedroom, linen can elevate the look of your living room. Our scintillating collection of curtains will add a whiff of urbanity to your home decor. Its sophisticated aura along with its temperature regulating qualities will make sure that not does your room remain aesthetically on point but it remains fresh and airy too. So whether you want to bask in the warm and delicate sunlight during the day or watch the peaceful twinkling nights by the window, these curtains will make sure that you do all of that and more in style.

Cushion and Pillow cover: Let the corners of your living room speak out for themselves by adorning your cushions with our linen cushion covers. The luxurious texture of linen along with its moisture-wicking qualities make up a perfect combination to star as cushion and pillow covers. These easy to wash covers come in an array of shades. So whether you want a pop of colour in your living room or want to opt for more earthy tones, we have got your back.

Table cloth and runners: When it comes, to your dining room, linen can be your best friend there too. With our collection of premium linen table cloths and runners add that extra “wow” element to your dining room. Our runners and table clothes come in various soft and warm hues so that there is a perfect fit for you on every occasion. Also, not to mention, these tablecloths and runners are durable and low maintenance, making them perfect for those amazing dinner nights with your friends and family

Placemats and Napkins: If you are looking to add an element of luxe to your dining space, then your collection of premium napkins and placements are here for your recuse. Made from the finest quality of linen, our placemats and napkins are as enduring as your midmeal conversations. And their amazing absorbent quality will make sure that there is no awkward spill moment. And also they come in a range of sublime colours and prints. So whether you are a monochrome person or would like to jazz up your mealtime with a little print, we have something for everyone. 

With a little creativity and experimentation, linen can be your absolute favourite fabric when it comes to home decor and bedding. Linen’s ability to amalgamate elegance with practicality is what makes it a favourite among fashion gurus around the world. And if you give it a chance, it will also transform every nook and cranny of  your home  like never before