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Why is Linen Good For Your Tiny Tots

Why is Linen Good For Your Tiny Tots

Linen is no less than a fairytale embodied in fabric. From its ethereal nature to its sophisticated aura, linen has been wooing humankind for centuries. What was initially just a spring and summer favourite is now being donned by the people throughout the year. Since linen has successfully managed to amalgamate within itself a certain level of finesse along with a certain rustic charm, it is often perceived as a mature fabric and not to mention an elite one. Whilee linen truly is a mature fabric and perfect for adults, it is great for your tiny tots too.


Fabric that is used to make fine suits and premium suits can be good babywear too? Well, as astonishing as it sounds, it is absolutely true. Read on to find out how


It is a Gift from Mother Nature

Linen has been around for centuries now and is one of the oldest natural fabrics known to mankind. It is no secret that a baby’s soft and sensitive skin needs the gentle touch of a natural fabric and that is why linen, woven from the flax plant comes up as an obvious choice. Many fabrics in the market are seemingly soft and they even market themselves as being baby-friendly. However, any synthetic fabric can cause irritation to your baby’s skin and that is the last thing you would want to do to your baby. Hence opt for linen and shower your baby with the gentle love and care that they deserve.


Hypoallergenic and Insect repellent

One of the reasons why linen is a favourite among adults is because it is gentle to their skin. Many fabrics tend to react with skin especially in hot and humid weather leading to painful allergies and breakouts. However, linen has nothing but love to offer. It is hypoallergenic in nature meaning it  will not mete out the torture of allergies and breakouts to your skin even in humid and uncomfortable weather

Now what is true for adults is of even more significance for babies. Their hypersensitive skin deserves nothing but endless care and love and that is what linen offers. It will not react to cause any harm to the pure and untouched skin of your baby. Hence it is also advisable to use linen bedding for your babies
Further, linen also has inherent bacteria and insect repelling qualities. So, you don’t have to worry about insects creeping into your baby’s precious linen collection.


Linen is resilient and durable 

Despite its sophisticated aura, linen is surprisingly resilient. Travelling from the glorious Egyptian civilization to being a modern-day favourite, linen has stood the test of time. Toddlers tend to get feisty and curious as they grow up and want to embark on new adventures, resulting in minor accidents. However, your babywear must not dampen the adventurous spirit of your toddler by tearing or getting damaged at the drop of a hat. It must be tenacious enough to be a constant companion in your child’s little expeditions and that’s why linen should be your toddler’s best friend. It doesn’t wear and tear that easy and can be a ride-or-die for your feisty toddler.


It is breathable and airy

Again, one of the reasons why linen is adored by adults is also the reason why it is so apt for your kids. Its breezy and non-clingy nature makes it a perfect choice for your tiny tots.  Linen’s breathability aids airflow and hence it doesn’t suffocate your child on a hot summer day. To add to it, its absorbent properties prevent linen from getting damp easily and hence it safeguards your child from getting uncomfortable or catching a cold even amidst sweat and perspiration. Sounds like a win-win right?


Linen ages gracefully

Most fabrics don’t age well. They tend to shrink, their colour tends to fade with every wash. But then linen is not like most fabrics, is it? Linen ages gracefully like wine. Linen gets better and softer with every wash. Yes, you heard that right! So, with every wash, linen grows to be kinder and gentler to your baby.  And this makes linen more of an investment rather than an ordinary purchase.


It’s surprisingly low maintenance 

For a fabric that has so much to offer, you would at least expect it to be high-maintenance. But linen continues to surprise us here too. It doesn’t require too much attention. Much against popular belief, It can be easily tended to at home and doesn’t need to be sent to dry cleaning. 

Stain removal is also not a hassle and it dries super quick too. Lastly, its inherent crumply nature means you don’t have to iron it as well. It's almost like linen doesn’t stop giving. 


Its Sustainability is a lesson for all

Linen truly is a gift from mother nature to mother nature. Linen is made from the flax plant which can grow even amidst poor soil without requiring any special fertilizer. It is a no-waste plant because every part of it can be utilised in one way or the other. 

Linen as a fabric is also extremely sustainable. Production of linen requires much less water as compared to other fabrics like cotton. To add to it linen is completely biodegradable. 

It is time we widen our horizon and start looking at linen as a fabric that has something to offer to everyone in every season. By limiting linen as adult wear meant only for summer, we are failing to harness the full potential of such an elegant yet low-maintenance fabric. Now is the time to delve deeper and rediscover linen in all its glory and grandeur.