What Are The Best Ways To Iron Linen Pants?

Linen is not just a fabric, it is an expression of class and sophistication. With the right ironing and maintenance, you can add a level of elegance to your linen attire. The most amazing fact about linen dresses is that they can last for a lifetime. So you can pass the token of love to […]

Dine In Style: 6 Essential Tips For A Delightful Table Setting in 2023

A luxury tablecloth is an elegant way to give your tablespace a distinct dimension and new life. Spills and smears in the dining room is common since the Middle Ages and even earlier. However, aristocracy is also a part of the same human civilization for time immemorial. Every meal turns out in a more joyful gathering […]

Knowing 5 Popular Origins of Linen Fabric

Natural linen is a fabric of class and comfort. It is widely recognized for its durability, breathability, and versatility. With a super smooth texture and easy maintenance, linen dresses are considered ideal for the summer season. However, in order to avail the best soothing, make sure to choose the right variety of linen fabric. There […]

Unveiling Stars of Softness: The Most Chosen Cushion Fabrics of 2023

Cushions are something beyond softness. They are chic and classy pieces of sophistication that bring a lively vibe to any home decor. These tiny bundles of fluffiness decorate both your interior and exterior spaces gracefully. From bedrooms and living rooms to balconies and patios and even gardens, luxury cushions beautify every corner of your house. Since […]

Organizing An Event..? Add Linen Cherry To The Cake

Summer is all about unwinding new ideas, thoughts, and life, isn’t it..? And what is life without friends and family? Nowadays while planning a party or event with your gang, it is not only about being too concerned about flower arrangements or table sets. There is much more to go. Linen is the new language […]

Gurneet Chadha and Her Glam With Live Linen

Our Linen Dresses collection sums up in a single word- dreamy! We are falling for the beauty and comfort of our European Linens. Gurneet Chadha has the same thoughts. She was recently spotted in Dubai and showed her love wearing our favorite Linen Scarlet Midi Dress. A detailed work of art expressing the eternal love […]

Part II – How Is Linen Made?

Linen-making is a tough and time-consuming task. In order to extract the linen fibres, the flax plants are cut down or pulled out of the ground using a hand. This pulling process generally makes finer linen. Once the seeds are extracted in the winnowing or ripping operation, the process further follows in removing the plant […]