Is Linen Better Than Cotton?


While looking for options of comfortable dressing and luxury bedding, you might have come across two very popular terms, linen and cotton. Both linen and cotton fabrics are ruling homes and wardrobes for time immemorial, especially when it comes to fashion and comfort altogether. However, since that long, the debate of being superior is still going on. Besides being made with natural fibres from plants, there are several other similarities between the two. Despite that, with subtle differences, one may turn out to be more suitable for you and your lifestyle. The majority claim it to be linen. Here in this article, let us try to find out if linen fabric is really better than cotton, evaluating it on the basis of different criteria. 


Both cotton and linen are long-lasting fabrics, in general. Long-staple fibres of yarn make cotton strong, still, it is not as durable as linen. Linen is renowned for its incredible strength and longevity. In fact, it is entitled as the most durable fabric in the world. So if you are looking for a luxury dress that lasts for a lifetime, look no further than linen. On average, while cotton dresses and bedsheets can last around five years, linen sheets and other stuff last longer, for around 30 years or more. With proper care and maintenance, you can pass your love via linen to the next generation as well. 


Linen is entitled as the softest natural fabric in the textile industry. In comparison to cotton, linen is softer to the touch because flax fibres are more smooth than cotton fibres. Among all the varieties of linen fabric, European Linen is known for its remarkable smoothness and strength. 

             Cotton may appear smooth in the beginning but it tends to lose not just its smoothness but also its shape with time. On the contrary, linen becomes smooth after every use and turns out to be extremely soft after several washes. Thus in the race of suppleness, linen is a clear winner. 


Linen is termed as the best fabric for the planet. It is made out of the fibres of flax plants, the crop of which is grown absolutely without any involvement of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or artificial preservatives. Not to skip mentioning that linen agriculture requires the least use of water, while cotton growth demand almost 3 times water as compared to linen growing. Moreover, the crop of linen flax is a renewable source, making this fabric a great choice for your daily eco-friendly closet. Real linen shirts are not only enchanting to own but they also possess low carbon footprints and hence bring goodness to the environment. So if you also aim to own a chic, classy, and sustainable wardrobe, then pick pieces made of pure linen fabric. 


Both cotton and linen are natural fabrics. However, in terms of being hypoallergenic; linen is considered better. With a lower thread count and the loose weave, pure linen is less likely to draw any pathogens or dust particles. Even during monsoon or rainy season, this super light and natural textile is known for preventing the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganism that can cause skin irritation or diseases. 

                         The short and rough fibres of cotton can cause irritation and delicate complexions while they rub against your skin. Linen, on the other hand, was used for bandaging wounds and as sanitary napkins in ancient times, owing to its extraordinary hypoallergenic properties. Therefore, among the two, linen is an absolute anti-allergic and is any day better for people with itching, allergies, or skin reactions. So if you are also suffering from any skin-related issues, linen can be your bosom buddy. 


The breathability of the fabric indicates how well it allows air to pass. It primarily depends on the weave pattern of the fibres rather than the fabric itself. Breathability is a major factor when choosing fabric, especially during hot summer or humid seasons. While linen is mostly loosely woven and hollow and airy; cotton, like canvas and denim, is usually thickly woven and less breathable. So for soothing summer, go for linen shirts

           Though both cotton and linen are breathable fabrics; linen is predominantly more breathable here. With a RET score of 3.84, linen is measured to be the most breathable fabric in the world, whereas cotton stands second with 3.86 points. Lower RET refers to more breathability. Thus if you also tend to sweat a lot while sleeping, opt for linen bedding in order to ensure a cool and relaxed sleep time. 


In general, both cotton and linen are highly absorbent but cotton is slightly more absorbent than linen. While cotton can hold nearly 25% of its weight in the form of water, on the other hand, linen can hold around 20% of its total weight in the form of moisture or sweat. However, the best part about linen is that it has natural water-wicking properties that enable it to absorb sweat moisture from your skin. The cherry on the cake is that this fabric dries out very quickly by wiping the absorbed water back into the air and does not make you feel clumsy. 


To some people, linen sounds quite thicker or hefty than cotton but in reality, it is not bulky at all. Natural Oeko-Tex Certified linen is light in weight and easy to wear or carry in everyday living In fact, it ranks amongst the most lightweight fabrics out there. So if you are looking for something that looks cool and classy without making you feel burdened, spare some space for linen outfits in your closet. 


Contrary to popular belief, Linen is much more stretchable and flexible than cotton. Thus there is no debate about the versatility of linen. Besides Linen Dresses and Linen Shirts For Men, there is a comprehensive assortment of other stuff that this natural fabric brings to the table. From home decor to kitchen essentials and table linen to gifting purposes, it blends according to all your personalized needs and imaginations. The vast range of linen products that occur around our day-to-day living consists of linen aprons , towels, bathrobes, laptop covers, pillow covers, pouches etc. 

                       Linen makes the finest quality luxury curtains as per your demanded colour, pattern, design, and requirements. While you can have luxury napkin sets and linen throws for a memorable event night, you have your hands on a wide variety of gifts to choose from. Now you have the option to present your girl with a linen tote bag having her name engraved on it. This gives you a chance to stand out and have her heart with an absolute awww moment…!

Sum Up: Linen Or Cotton?

In terms of appearance, both cotton and linen seem quite similar and look absolutely gracious and luxurious. Although both are natural, they are two very different textiles. Each with its unique characteristics, benefits, and shortcomings, is ruling the textile industry for the longest span of time. However, with maximum leads, here linen is a clear winner. 

                   While you can pick cotton for better absorbancy or go with linen for an exceptional choice of class and comfort. Of course, your final decision entirely depends upon your personal preference and choice. With this guide, we just tried making your selection a little bit easier. Hope you enjoyed the read..!

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