Latest Collection – Harmony Collection from Live Linen

Introducing our latest launch with the harmony of handcrafted love and eternal fashion. We bring you gorgeous floral patterns with stripes to have you flaunting in a slow fashion. The crafted block prints and artisanal passion make our new collection so remarkable. Each with detailed stitching unveils the endless luxury.

The Art of Block Printing

The block printing process involves several steps and efforts of our artisans. Block Printing completes when patterns engrave with wooden blocks and artistic love. Wooden blocks for textile printing grooves to fit each other in a finely detailed manner. Block Printing is an art and not a simple method that needs the arduous efforts of crafters. The method repeats for each impression. Different blocks are used for each pattern and color. Hand-carved wooden blocks may be simple, but they create something extraordinary.

art of block printing

Block Printing starts with our artisans placing layers of fabric on the wooden table. Then our artisans arrange the cloth on these layers to make the surface uniform. Moving on to the next step, they take colors in foam and prepare them to fill the blocks for printing.

The wooden blocks fill with the needed color and prepare to flare the lovely touch. Finally, our skilled craftsmen print the colored blocks on the linen cloth in detail. 

Furthermore, our latest Harmony Collection comes in three different styles. The striped pattern and floral designs blend to offer a rejuvenated collection.

Although, something would not quite sit together! And that is, talking about block-printing and expecting a perfect form. Since hand block printing crafts this collection. The products will display a breakage between the stripes pattern. We bring our Mysa Collection for you! Appreciating the art in imperfection and beauty in breakage. 

  • Mysa Collection

The meaning of Mysa relates to “engaging in a relaxing activity, especially at home”.

mysa colelction

The collection is a magical symphony of beauty and imperfection. Our artisans handcraft each creation with love and effort through block printing. The pure European Linen selection reincarnates the eternal luxury of three different stripes. In our Mysa Collection, the artisans place three blocks of stripes on linen. We bring you the most premium experience with several colors. You can add a pop of tangerine to your home, or pink hue crush, the serenity of blues, or some fresh greens. We would love you to learn more about the said collection and products. Let us glimpse through the launch.

Linen Mysa Napkins

The linen napkins in our Mysa Collection come with an attention to aesthetics. With skilled efforts and an idea to elevate your dining area, we ensure you a lavish experience. Our moisture-wicking linens look classy with the striped pattern in several colors. Such as tangerine, pink, blue, and green hues. The art of placing blocks in three specific shades can harmonize any dining setup. 

linen mysa napkin

Next up, the blossomy floral block prints flaunting in your home with our Dios Collection!

  • Dios Collection

Dios translates to Carnations in Greek. “Carnations are also known as the “Flower of God.” Since the Greek name for Carnation is a fusion of “Dios” and “anthos.” Dios is used to describe Zeus while Anthos means flower; thus, the name “flower of God” comes up.”

Linen dios collection

The gorgeous collection comes with a block-printed floral design. Since the said collection has a fusion of two specific colors. Our artisans craft them by filling two blocks, one by one. Placing one block on the other, they design a beautiful floral pattern. We bring you a delicate and sophisticated venture with our Dios Collection. So, get ready for chic luncheons with our softest European Linens. Incorporate your dining area with these beauties available in many subtle shades.

The charming new collection consists of Tablecloths and Napkins. Ready to enchant your home and dining area with love?

Linen Dios Napkins

linen dios napkins

Our European Linens can create a pleasant ambiance in your home. An exotic Linen Dios Napkin collection that is also easy to wash and wicks away moisture. The playful and delicate design is ready for you to host memorable dinners for your loved ones.

Linen Dios Tablecloths

linen dios tablecloth

Our Linen Dios Tablecloths are so ready to decorate your home with lasting love. The fabric’s moisture-absorbing characteristics and soft touch make it excellent to use. With our artisans’ love infused in each creation. Your dining experience is something sheer splendid. Experience the soothing texture and treat your loved ones with fancy dine-in today!

Moving on to the delightful and most arduous Mabel Collection.

  • Mabel Collection

The meaning of Mabel relates to “Lovable or Dear.”

linen mable collection

Another beautiful addition to our Linen family is the Mabel Collection. It has a reversible sync of stripes and floral patterns. You will fall in love with the beauty of these block-printed patterns. Welcome our European Linens into your abode to embrace the art and luxury of nature. 

The selection integrates block-printed floral designs and striped patterns on either side. Each product encircles a whiff of luxe and interminable levels of comfort. Let us go into the details of each product.

Linen Mabel Duvet Covers

linen myble duvet cover

A chic set of Linen Duvet Covers awaits with the natural mingle of floral and striped patterns. We desire to offer you the best season’s sleep. Our unwithering duvet covers and pillowcases can elevate any bedding with finesse.

Linen Mabel Quilts

Linen Mabel Quilts

Our Linen Mabel Quilts can be a great find for those who love to sleep in all seasons. The reversible floral and stripes with a cotton filling create a soothing vibe. Mesmerize in the softness of our European Linens with the harmonizing collection.

Linen Mabel Placemats

Linen Mabel Placemats

The reversible Linen Mable Placemats can incorporate luxury into your dining. The moisture-wicking characteristics and created artwork are all you need in any placemat. Our artisans designed these beauties in shades such as Tangerine, Beryl, Pink, and Blue.

Linen Mabel Cushion Covers/Pillowcases

Linen Mabel Cushion Covers

With a similar concept, our Linen Mabel Cushion Covers/Pillowcases enter your home. We love you to partake in the posh touches of our European Linens. The exclusive design can help you find the best slumber of your life. The durable peaches come with a securing tie-knot. So you don’t have to worry about your fluffy cushion or pillows slipping out of the dreamland.

Concluding Up!

Let’s conclude a few things before you click on our charming Harmony Collection! The art of block printing is not just a process. It is a recipe of love and effort that our artisans put into each creation. Paying attention to details and appreciating imperfections in little things brings a sense of grace into your home. Hence, buy the unceasing exclusivity from our latest launch.

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