Latest Collection – Wabi-Sabi: A Way of Living

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept. It means finding beauty and serenity in life’s most simple elements. Elements that are imperfect and impermanent. The philosophy of Wabi-Sabi relates to looking for perfection in flawed bits. It is also a way of living that frees you from the idea of always showing yourself as perfect without flaws. It is almost impossible to keep portraying things perfectly. Hence, following the wabi-sabi concept appreciates and accepts complexity while valuing simplicity simultaneously. 

wabi sabi collection

Our Wabi-Sabi collection is inspired and crafted around the same idea. The recently launched collection has block-printed stripes on it. Since our artisans handcraft each creation, a breakage between the lines will show. But that is the idea behind bringing this selection for you: embracing the art of flaws. Let us appreciate each tiny imperfection, starting with the linens.

Linens: A Love Affair

Linens A Love Affair

Apart from the thoughtful concept of wabi-sabi, our beautiful selection has the purity of European Linen. They are softest and have several characteristics making them reliable in any season. Our linens can keep you calm and relaxed on hot days with moisture-wicking qualities. While they can keep you snug and warm on the colder days. A versatile textile that you can wear on your quick grocery run, on your formal dinner, and even in bed. What else do you need? An-all season clothing that can refresh your closet and upgrade your fashion easily. 

Steps to Create Block Prints

Linen Block Prints

The process of block printing is something that has been carried forward for a long time now. It is not just a process but an art of creating and representing our cultural practices. This is the procedure of keen attention to detail and concentration. The hand-eye coordination of our artisans is absolutely what we cherish. For the artisans we work with, block printing craft has been a hobby for them. This process requires steady coordination of hands and eyes. It also involves wooden carved blocks dipped in natural colour dyes. 

Let us go through the steps that complete the Block-Printing Process:

Step 1: Block Carving

First, we bring carved blocks with intricate patterns to imprint the designs on cloth. The carvers also drill through tiny holes to let the wood breathe, helping the block to extend its lifespan. 

Step 2: Application of Dye

Application of Dye

Our artisans then fill the blocks with the required shade dye. After filling them with dye colour, they take a foam, imprinting it on the fabric. The skilled craftsmen press the block gently on the dye palette against the cloth.

Step 3: Printing

Linen Wabi Sabi Printing

The primary step of the entire process now comes into play. After our artisans place the fabric on the wooden table, followed by the many fabric layers. The craftsmen dip the wooden blocks into colour trays.

Moving on to the following essential pillar of our newly launched collection. Stripes!

Everlasting Luxury of Stripes

Everlasting Luxury of Stripes

Stripes have always been in fashion. But from when and how? It is so beautiful that a simple pattern like stripes can make so much difference in your fashion statement. The design can give you a desire for luxury travel, nostalgia for timeless fashion, and whatnot! We think of stripes, and our mind clicks a picture of a beach vacation or a quick summer getaway. Delving into our latest block-printed stripes collection would be a fantastic idea for those who love to explore.

In today’s glamour era, stripes are more than a statement of timeless and classic style. They bring a playful and creative vibe into the space. Check out our endless linen collection that holds love, leisure, and luxury, especially for you!

Finishing Up!

Since there is so much for you to look at and love in our collection, we would prefer you pick your best choice. Our artisans create each product with attention to detail just for you. Delight yourself with beautiful linen creations.

We also have a gorgeous collection of Home Linens to harmonise your space with love.  Know more about it, Harmony Collection from Live Linen.

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