Linen vs. Cotton: Which Fabric Is Best For Summer?

So, finally, it’s that time of year when we change our wardrobe to welcome the summer. But that one constant question all season- What to buy? All of us want to keep up with current styles but don’t want to loos the comfort too. Thus we need a fabric that is soft and airy to absorb summertime perspiration. To create an impact, one must appear modern and stylish. These two materials—cotton and pure linen—come to our aid at that point. But there is an ongoing discussion about which fabric is superior. Let’s find out then.

Cotton and Linen: What’s the Difference?

Two of the most widely utilised fabrics in the world are cotton and linen. When looking for natural, cosy, and long-lasting textiles for bedding and clothes. Are you confused about which one to pick? The list below is what you need! 


Cotton is the common fabric made from the natural fibres of the cotton plant. Depending on how you spin the fibres into thread or yarn, cotton comes in a range of weights. Cotton is a popular material for clothes, towels, and bed sheets. The reasons are- its softness, breathability, and durability.


Pure Linen is a natural fabric created from flax plant fibres. It’s coveted for its strength and adaptability and is widely used in fashion apparel. The medium-weight material’s hollow fibres act as natural insulators. This gives you warm shelter in the winter and keeps you light in the summer. In every environment, linen is pleasant since it is absorbent and dries.

Roots and Genes

Despite the fact that both linen and cotton are made from plants, they are not the same. Both are sourced from two different sources. While linen is made from the flax plant, cotton fibres are made from the cotton plant. 


Compared to the fluffy fibres found in cotton fabric, the flax fibres found in linen are more robust. Because of this, Oeko-Tex Certified linen is considered more reliable in terms of durability. The most durable cotton fabric needs to be thicker. Sateen cotton, an exception, is the least durable. So linen is definitely more durable than cotton under repeated usage or wear.

Absorbing Power

In general, both cotton and linen cloths are measured to be carrying equal absorbency. So if you are going for regular everyday wearing, you may not find any notable difference but on the technical ground, there is a bit of variance. Cotton can hold water for around 25% of its total weight whereas linen can keep it around 20 to 22% of its total weight. Hence, cotton is seen as slightly more absorbent than other fabrics. 


Both linen and cotton are very light materials and are extremely comfortable to carry throughout the day. However, original linen dresses have somewhat higher breathability due to their hollow fibres and looser weave.


When natural linen is woven into a fabric, it keeps part of its crispness and stiffness for a longer period of time. It requires frequent usage and washing to soften. On the other hand, Percale cotton has a more crisp, chilly feel to it whereas sateen cotton tends to be softer in the touch. Compared to other forms of cotton, brushed cotton is not only very soft but also more insulating.

Wrinkle Shield

Both cotton and linen provide beautiful choices for clothes and luxury bedding. Yet, when worn, folded, and stored, linen does have a tendency to wrinkle a little less in comparison to cotton. Depending on the weaving process, cotton can also be crease-resistant. But with time, cotton is also more prone to pilling. Although both fabrics demand ironing in daily use, linen tends to be more crease proof or wrinkle-resistant. 


Both cotton and linen are quite simple to maintain. Though, certain cotton products are marked as dry-clean only. Our recommendation will be cold or cool water washing and low-heat tumble drying. This is to prevent the shrinkage of your dress or bed sheet. 

Cotton vs Linen: The Final Winner

Both cotton and linen are extremely soothing and stylish fabrics. While some are a fan of cotton; others are fond of pure linen. The selection goes after personal liking and determination. As per our analysis, Linen products are perfect for everyday use in summer and easy to care for at the same time. Now if you are also planning to buy either of the fabric, it is advisable to give a thorough research, check your requirements, and accordingly make the right choice. You will get a wide selection of cotton and European linen clothing online in India at Live Linen. Happy buying.

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