3 Approach to Style Your Linen Pants

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Linen pants for Men have been popular for many years for their comfort, breathability, and durability. However, wearing these pants can feel a little intimidating for some people due to plenty of options and perfectly relaxed fittings. What do you wear when it’s scorching hot outside, yet you want to look chic, casual, professional, or just all of it? The answer is simple: linen pants. Yes, linen pants will make you seem and feel stylish whether you’re heading to work, on a date, to the beach, or just staying in looking good and feeling good. Linen is one of the few materials that is incredibly breathable and doesn’t compromise on elegance.

For those unfamiliar, linen is a soft, naturally crumpled fabric that is highly breathable, making it the ideal layer for spring and summer. We’ve already looked at how to wear linen shirts, so today, we’ll focus on the cousin of the case: the aesthetic linen pants.


Go Classy!

For a coffee date or meet-up with your friends, keep it understated and go for a pair of Pure Linen cozy pants and a t-shirt. Hence wearing a T-shirt with your linen pants for a laid-back afternoon style can look absolutely classy. You can try a simple style by pairing your white shirt with a pair of darker pants or go monochromatic by wearing white pants and white sneakers. Alternatively, dress up for date night with a button down shirt and dapper pants. You’ll stay cool (and look great) all season long, no matter how you choose to wear these beauties!
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Casual-Work Look with Linen Pants

Get ready to be smitten with the best pants, from effortlessly stylish vibes to comfy designs, here at Live Linen. For a casual-work look, a pair of lush dark linen pants can fit as good as suit pants. Moreover, consider putting on a blazer and loafers to complete the look. Similarly, you can also pair your pants with a timeless white button-down shirt.

Linen Pants in Aesthetic and Vintage Fashion

If you adore elevating the subtle aesthetic of your outfits and are more of an artsy person, pair your pants with an oversized sweatshirt to directly channel a relaxed athleisure style. Also, keeping your look consistent by selecting colors that create a harmonious palette, can prove trendy. You might have to keep some things in mind if you go for this attire. Choose a baggier fit for your pants and ensure the sweatshirt is of a material that breathes well, such as cotton, or you’ll start sweating before you even leave the house.

Final Remarks!

Leave it to Live Linen to style you with some dashing linen pants. Our pants and shorts come with a drawstring to keep you feeling easy while you run around the day and help you stay comfy & cool. Slipping on some comfortable canvas shoes or chunky loafers for a contemporary look would definitely be a great thought. Therefore, have a look at our collection and say bye-bye to the morning dilemma of ‘what to wear’ with these fab linens that never miss a chance to keep you comfortable yet sophisticated.
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