3 Linen Shirts for Men This Monsoon

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As soon as it starts pouring, the first thought that comes into our mind is a long walk or a long drive with someone we love, not just romantically but with the person we love spending time with. We are sure you’ve already begun to fantasize about the whole scenario of you and your favorite person taking a long walk together or maybe sitting on the car roof in soft drizzles. And for those things to go well, you need the stunning linen shirts for men lined up in your closet. Comfortable and soft shirts can be ideal for this season therefore, let us dive into the ocean of linen shirts for men but first, discuss why linen is so paramount? 

Why Linen for Monsoon?

Before moving any further in our discussion, we first need to understand the hype about linens, so let’s read some straight-up facts about linen. Linens can be used in any season but specifically for the monsoon season. This fabric’s breathability is impeccable, with the soft and gentle touch of these natural yarns. It has been said that washing linen increases its strength, making it the most potent natural fiber. Because of this, linen apparel is an excellent addition to any thoughtful capsule wardrobe because it will endure several monsoon seasons. Since linen threads are thin, they give your body more airflow than other textiles. They can absorb moisture without feeling damp to the touch, making them a highly absorbent material. This makes linen ideal for hot vacations and shower intervals, allowing you to stay relaxed and prevent unappealing sweat stains. 

If you want to look classy while carrying an extra touch of luxury, giving you a high-end appearance as the color subtly peeks through the linen shirts for men. Few of our collection’s stunning linen shirts can be appropriate for the season. Let us take a look down below.  

Linen Nova Shirt

Linen Shirts For Men

With this weather’s scorching heat and humidity, the comfortability of these linen shirts for men is par excellence. One of our best sellers is the Nova linen shirt decorated traditionally with the incredible work of Kantha stitching. The stunning shirt has a pocket on the front and running stitches around the collar. The loops on both the sleeves to hold them adorned with coconut shell-made buttons increase the charm of the shirt. They come in many beautiful colors, so you can mix and match them with your favorite pair of pants. Since linens have the moisture-absorbing ability, they are perfect for the rainy season, and of course, they can be washed easily as many times as you want, making them softer than the first time. 

Linen Terrain Shirts

Linen Shirts For Men

These linen shirts for men’s softness and fine threadwork are beautifully sewn and made especially for the monsoon. These shirts can help you stay relaxed and stylish all day long, so going to the office or even a casual meet-up can be fun without making you feel uneasy. The round neck pattern of this shirt with the half-open style and a placket adorned with coconut shell-made buttons can easily make you look confident. Finally, bring out your umbrellas and rain boots to stay serene even on the sludgy paths and look dashing with the linen shirts for men. 

Linen Drake Shirt

These assertive linen shirts for men can make you look unique and protect you from humid and sweaty days. Because of the breathability of the material and moisture-wicking features, these shirts stand out among all the other shirts. A classic round collar embellished with Kantha work to give you an understanding of cultures and their values. A placket having a powerful look adorned with coconut shell-made buttons and full sleeves create the magical warmth in the glooms and coldness of the drizzling season. 


Rains can be really fun and make us fall in love with everything around us. Pairing these linen shirts with some of our linen pants can also be a great idea to stay comfortable and relaxed all day long while looking charming and fabulous. Hence, go head over heels with linens and their beauty this monsoon. 

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