3 Splendid Block Printed Linens To Indulge in This Summers

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With the arrival of the summer season, the evergreen and popular block printed trend are here to blow your spirits. Hand block printed textiles are a classy and timeless art form that has been around for a long time. Because of the wide range of colors and captivating designs available, block prints are one of the most popular summer trends. Hand block printed textiles are available in various eye-catching color palettes and motifs and are neither loud nor boring. The motifs are florals, fauna, abstract patterns, and even religious figurines. Because each piece exudes precision and elegance, we decided to include a lovely amalgamation of linen and block prints in our home furnishing collection.

Below is the rich history of block printing with our three beautiful prints, each reciting a unique tale.

Block Printed Fabrics- A History:

Block printing was first practiced in China during the third century AD, according to historical texts. Initially, these ancient blocks were not used on fabric; the paper was used for block printing for the first time in the 7th century. Block printing is a relief printing technique that transfers ink onto textile or paper using an engraved material (usually wood, linoleum, or rubber). The block is used as a stamp, and the final product is a mirror image of the carving. Block prints are still done by eye today, and telltale signs of the human hand and efforts, even flaws, are part of the craft’s indefinable humanity and beauty.

Block Printed

Block Printed Linens at Live Linen:


The timeless beauty of a tiny bud is the inspiration for this block-printed design. The print, which blooms to life, can easily add depth to your home and interior. It can be perfectly styled with other fabrics in your space, making it an ideal print for adding a summery touch to your home.


To balance the warmth of summers, this beautiful blue block printed pattern is a perfect choice. This print draws inspiration from a Chinese tree called Ginkgoand the fan-shaped leaves in this print are beautifully captured over a contrasting background. 


This beautiful print blooms with all grace in our home furnishings section. Suka is captured romanticizing with air like a freshly bloomed flower, exuding a sense of freshness and beauty wild. The carefree white dandelion flower inspires the print to add a touch of freshness to your interiors.

We at Live Linen brought this beautiful range of block-printed fabrics to create something fresh yet traditional. Here you can enjoy a pleasing synergy between the fibers of durable and breathable linen integrated with hand block prints, thanks to the goodness of Belgian Linen. This manual procedure ensures that you receive the highest quality handwork from our skilled artisans. Visit Live Linen to get your hands on some of our finest assortments today!

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