3 Ways to Store Linen Napkins

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Dining is an art, whether it’s a table for one at home or a full house so naturally keeping things elegant & classy is a must. It goes without saying that every dining table set must have a set of napkins. Unlike paper napkins, cloth napkins are reusable, easy to clean, and can be used to roll cutlery in. So, when we talk about cloth napkins, what else can be better than linen napkins? As linens are the smoothest fabric and can wick away moisture easily. However, it’s crucial to store the linens properly if you want to use them immediately without having to iron them first. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in and discover how to store our napkins.


Organize and Distribute Linen Napkins

If you own a lot of napkins, not just linen ones but in other fabrics too. Our advice would be to arrange them according to the color, material, and style. Because finding the right ones at the right time is just magical and also incredibly convenient.

Sorting and segregating the Luxury linen Table napkins can keep them lasting for longer. Hence, more of the softest, delicate linens in the most admirable colors and motifs. Thus, you can store your napkins in a wooden or glass drawer with an organizer to separate them.


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Hold the Fold

You can fold or hang your linen table napkins sets in order to maintain their appearance and feel. Although we love wrinkled linens, but if you still wish to display uncrumpled napkins, you should fold them in thirds (folding the napkin three times) to ensure they don’t fall over if you take one out of the drawer at once. Additionally, hanging linens in a closet on padded hangers is the best method to keep them wrinkle-free, given there is adequate room in the storage area for each napkin.


Right Place for the Linen Napkins

A cool and dry place, definitely! Napkins should only be kept in a cold, dry setting if you want to store them. To prevent stuffing, wrinkling, or other issues while taking them out, you should fold each napkin to fit the shape of your container. Also, you should always keep heavy linen pieces on the bottom of the storage box to avoid the lighter linens getting wrinkled.


Before putting your linen napkins away, be sure to wash or dry-clean each piece and remove all stains. Drying off napkins is essential before storing them, but it won’t be a hassle for the linens as they wick away the moisture quickly. So, let us not waste any more time and get the beautiful dinner napkin collection from Live Linen and store them happily.


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