4 Easy Ways to Get Stains Out of a Linen

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Although linen is the most beautiful fabric while being delicate. Did you know it is also easy to care for? It makes a great pair with kitchen accessories, bedding, clothing, and basically everything. So, it is essential to always keep them fresh and clean. But getting stains on clothes is sometimes inevitable whether it be wine, coffee, or sauces. That’s when it all becomes a bit difficult.

Linen, an essential textile that makes life easier with its softness and elegance, is created from the flax plant, providing the fabric’s resilience and stain resistance. Agreeably, some stains are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you should let go of your favorite clothes when the mishap happens. Let us look at some key points to be considered while getting these stains out of your gorgeous fabrics.

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Snippety Snap!

You should act quickly when the accident happens because the longer the stains stay, the harder it becomes to remove them. It may happen when you were half asleep, you spilled your morning coffee on the Luxury linen bedding. Or at a party, when you were in a hurry and knocked into someone with red wine in hand, wearing an elegant dress. The best way to get these stains out is before they dry off.

Linen Bedding


Natural Stain Removers

Linen is resilient as a fabric since it comes from nature. Hence it is only logical that we treat them naturally. If you accidentally spill sauce on your favorite linen tableware, cornstarch and baking powder are advised to use on the stains. Sprinkle them onto the stain and wash the garment in cool water with mild detergent. Oxygen bleach can preserve its aesthetic appeal by soaking the clothing in lukewarm water. You can add 1-2 tablespoons of bleach to your machine in order to eradicate the stains.

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Artificial Stain Removers

Another way to get rid of stubborn stains is by using diluted bleach. It can be safely used, by pouring a cup of vinegar in water and soaking the cloth overnight in the solution. Once the stain has dried, you can simply get it dry cleaned to get the stain removed carefully. Simply give the gorgeous Linen apparel to a good dry cleaner to apply the right chemicals and help remove those stains.

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Scrape it off the Linen

Sometimes, when the stubborn stain dries off and gets hard to remove. One wise measure can be scraping the stain off from your linen clothing. You can safely use a flat butter knife or spoon to lift off any residue gently, just like a spoon scoops off the jelly. After that, gently shake off persisting beverages like wine or juice instead of wrenching them out. 

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Linen is the sweetest and most luxurious fabric you can use and come in contact with. Hence, it needs slightly more attention than the other fabrics and is actually worth all the effort. Because at the end of the day when you wear it again, you see the love and attention to detail, wrapped with comfort. So, stay carefree while donning your favorite Linen attire around food and drinks because we’ve got you all covered! 

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