4 Folding Styles for Linen Napkins

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A dining and remarkable dinner cannot be completed without sophisticated tableware and napkins. If you are a creative person by heart and love to organize little things, folding linen napkins can be a treat for you. A beautiful dinner can be arranged smoothly when you make your dining look visually pleasing, with some accent candles, a couple of fresh plants or flowers, or expensive coasters to accentuate the delicious feast. We are all about transforming any ordinary dinner into a decorative and memorable feast with these basic complements to your table. Forming a few lovely folded napkins and presenting them in the dining with the proper cutlery and crockeries is not that difficult, and we’re happy to help you with some of our favorite styles of folding napkins. Let us take a look at some of the many easy yet classic styles to fold linen napkins described in simple steps. 

The Rose Fold

First of all, our favorite rose-fold napkin style includes a few simple stages. Start by selecting a bright-colored beautiful linen napkin and place it diagonally. Then fold the napkin in half and roll it from the bottom side, leaving a small portion unrolled so you’re left with a triangular shape. After rolling the linen napkin, roll it again length-wise and then tuck the end inside. Place it upside down by pulling the extra fabric upwards on the beautiful plate with silver cutleries, and your perfect dining décor is ready! 

The Diagonal Pocket

The gorgeous linen napkin folded in this style can keep compliments coming your way. Placing the napkin and folding them in half has to be the first step. Then again, fold the napkin into a quarter, and take the first flap towards (not touching) the bottom corner. Moving forward by taking another flap, tuck subtly under the first one, and repeat for the third flap in the same way. Finally, flip the napkin over and get the top part of your pleats at the back to secure the overlaps, and fold the remaining portion of the napkin. Your adorable linen napkin fold is ready to fit the special silver cutleries inside it and be served with a delicious dinner. 

The Diamond Pocket Fold

The magical linen napkin can cast a spell on your guests when folded in the diamond pocket style, which is the easiest and effortless way out of all the four styles. Let’s start by placing the napkin on the platform and folding it in the three-fourth length. Flip it over and then fold the napkin again, taking both corners to the center of the top. Repeat the steps one more time by taking the previous end to the center again. And here is your elegant napkin fold, ready to be served for the tasty feed after putting gorgeous cutlery into the pockets. 

The Leaf Pleats Fold

With beautiful folding styles like the leaf pleats, your linen napkin can look extremely attractive, so here are the steps to creating that style. Firstly, place the napkin flat on the platform, fold it in half, and then in a quarter. Now, from the top corner of the closed side of the overlaps, make pleats folding from both sides. Tie a knot to secure the ruffles from the center with an accessory like a napkin ring or a fabric rope; voila, there you go with a lavish-looking napkin fold. Enjoy these folding styles with linen napkin from our collection and no longer need to wait for the guests to come and have the most unforgettable dining experience. 

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