5 Best Linen Shirts for Men with Different Collars

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There is something utterly attractive about sophistication and elegance. Formal shirts change the entire appearance of a man, and dressing them up appropriately can be proven as a crux of the biscuit. The most distinguishing characteristic of a shirt is its collar; depending on your choice, it can be the most prominent feature. You should always go for a collar based on what seems the most comfortable because everyone has various preferences or wishes for collars. Style, physical attributes, suitability, and civility are vital features that should be considered before choosing your favorite shirt. Even a few linen shirts for men for that ultimate touch of luxury and softness with a remarkable collar.

We’ve previously talked about the styling of dresses and shirts, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into men’s fashion & accessories this time in order to try something new. Men’s collar styles, for instance, impact the outfit’s premier design and appearance. Most shirt collars appear to be fairly identical at first glance. However, if you venture into the world of men’s formalwear, you’ll discover hundreds of distinct shirt collar varieties, each with a different history and function. As comfort and elegance are in question, there is no way we can forget about linen shirts, so let’s dive right in to see the types of shirts and their different collars.

Classic Collars & Linen Shirts for Men

Some of the fabulous linen shirts for men with a classic collar in our display are:

The linen shirts for men come with a plain classic collar and look absolutely stunning. To keep our promise to stay as close to nature as possible, the placket is embellished with a set of buttons crafted from coconut shells. Especially when you pair these shirts with formal pants, making the overall appearance as astonishing as ever. These shirts ooze with endless luxury and a sense of softness and hence are the perfect outfit to keep you moving all day. This category includes our favorite Linen Eden Shirt, Linen Reed Shirt, and Linen Oak Shirt.

The linen shirts come with a classic collar decorated with Kantha work stitching to give you a traditional look. These shirts can bring the whole look together when paired with comfortable trousers in a casual setting. Our bestseller from the linen shirts for men collection includes Linen Nova Shirt and Linen Eden Shirt.

Mandarin Collars & Linen Shirts for Men

The Mandarin collar rises a few centimeters above the neckline and is an unfolded, stand-up collar. At the front center, the collar’s borders either barely touch or slightly overlap. The shape of the mandarin collar mimics those in our lovely selection of linen shirts for men. But mainly with a change in the neckline pattern where the edges don’t overlay. This category has profound, subtle looks and elegance with Linen Terrain Shirt and Linen Drake Shirt. They adorn the loveliest and traditional Kantha stitches running around the neckline.

Final Thoughts!

In our opinion, all men should rotate among various collar styles when wearing a shirt. The collar is frequently the feature that differentiates a traditional shirt the most. So it’s good to have a few different styles in your fitting linen shirts for men collection.

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