5 Best Linen Shirts to Gift This Father’s Day

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A father is someone who never tells you about their needs and already knows what YOU need. This magical connection refines with age and all your time together. A dad holds an irreplaceable place in everyone’s life, and to make that place more special, it is important to appreciate them even with the smallest gesture you can do. This Father’s Day, remind yourself to gift your dad a little treat. And if he does not like gifts and shopping, take the matter into your hands and give them a little treat. You’ll know exactly what to gift him with a linen shirt collection. 

Make Father's Day Special this way

This Father’s Day, plan out the most memorable day for your father or someone who holds a father figure in your life. It is the day to indulge in his favorite activities, and the goal is to gratify him as much as you can. Go for a lavish meal to dine out with your dad or with your significant other, if they have recently joined the dad squad. Or maybe book a movie ticket and enjoy the movie night with him. And for all these activities to start, you need an outfit of the day to make the day more comfortable and memorable. Enough about the sweet gestures; let’s move ahead with some materialist gift items you can make your father happy with. 

Think about something unique yet valuable to give your dad this Father’s Day. He has been your pillar of support since the beginning, providing you with all the funds you require, so why not gift him a classic leather wallet or maybe some personalized mugs and merchandise to serve as a keepsake. And if you and your father get fascinated by the thought of new and comfortable clothing, we have something for you. 

Linen Shirts from our collection are the most striven gifts you can give your dad. The luxury of Linen will greet your father and make him leave his mark at his workplace and everywhere around. The comfort of the fabric is like that fine wine that gets smoother with age. Not just that, at Live Linen, we add a special handwritten note in the gift box that can reciprocate your feelings for your hero. Have a look at some of the bestsellers from the Live Linen collection are:

Linen Nova Shirt

An amazing shirt with full sleeves and Kantha stitches handcrafted on the collar will make your father look sleek and stylish. 100% pure linen makes these linen shirts so beautiful and soft. A shirt that smoothly absorbs all the moisture is exactly what your dad will need around father’s day because of the humid days. 

Linen Shirts

Linen Oak Shirt

Linen shirts with a simple and smart look will give your dad a cheerful vibe. Coconut shell-made buttons adorned on the placket of this beautiful shirt are something to observe. Gift your father some branded shoes to pair with this dashing shirt and complete his look. 

Linen Shirts

Linen Eden Shirt

These linen shirts consist of Kantha stitches running all the way down, covering the collar too in the threadwork. The twin pockets and a placket of sustainable buttons make this shirt something to discuss. If your dad loves this shirt, his taste in fashion must be great. 

Linen Shirts

Linen Terran Shirt

A casual yet traditional-looking shirt with a mandarin collar is an absolute keeper if you want to see that priceless smile on your dad’s face. The placket goes halfway through the front, decked with three buttons and a pocket on the front with basic stitches of Kantha, making these linen shirts more appealing. The back of the shirt is no less as it comes with a loop and a humble crease. 

Linen Shirts

Linen Drake Shirt

A mandarin collared shirt will make a statement with threadwork stitched on it. If you or your father loves handcrafted creations, this shirt is for you. Keeping the vision of sustainability in mind, linen shirts decorate the coconut shell-made buttons on the flap. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get some dashing shirts and bring that big heroic smile on your dad’s face! Make every moment with your parents memorable, and cherish each memory. Along with shirts, you can also check out some linen pants to pair them with your father and yourself. You can go on an unforgettable day out twinning with matching outfits. 

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