5 Cushion Covers to Enhance Living Area

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It’s astonishing how well cushions and throws change the look of a room. Couches, beds, and seats usually seem empty without them. But when you add cushions, a sense of coziness, entirety, and character runs through the furnishings. After all, elevating your cushions regularly is a sensible and simple alternative to replacing your furniture whenever a new style comes into fashion. Since cushions can completely change the appearance of any area, you should definitely unify those couches with the best linen cushion covers online.

We understand choosing the ideal decorative cushion cover can be a nightmare, but Live Linen is here to give your home a lush impression. Our collection incorporates several designs, colors, and covers for all designer cushions. Do you wish to replace your current cushion covers with new ones that fit your interiors? Then jump right in.


Go for a ‘Nature’ Theme

If you are searching for a conspicuous living place and have a profound connection to the outdoors, your finest option has to be from our collection of handblock linen cushion covers. The dandelion flower, leaf, and bud patterns are among our nature-inspired block prints, and can easily elevate the look of a minimal couch. Or you can adorn that window

seating in your room with our linen covering and nestle in with a good book – nothing can beat that feeling, right? Our linens make you melt like cotton candy when you eat it, light and fluffy and sweet as ever.


Stay Timeless with Stripes

Cushion covers in striped patterns are nothing less than a living harmony. Staying in trend was that easy, and no one knew all this while. No more worries, Live Linen is here! Stripes give accentuated styles to cushion covers and are a staple element for homes that keep changing their mood settings, as stripes can go well with anything & everything. No matter where you go, striped linen coverings always make a fashion statement.

stria cushion cover

Fineness with Fringes

The sole purpose of our cushion covers is to provide your home with utter luxury and comfort. The Fringe Me Kantha collection of our cushion covers is simply glorious and can easily grab anyone’s attention as soon as you enter the room. The sophisticated edging of Kantha stitches on these covers showcase the master craftsmanship by our skilled artisans and speak volumes for your taste in home decor. So, let’s go fringe shopping with Live Linen and bring traditional vibes to your home.

linen cushion cover

Snug with Solids

Most home interior design professionals will advise you to choose throws and cushions that compliment your arrangement and add dimensions to your living space. With our classic cushion, your idea of having your home’s corners exude comfort and elegance can be quickly acknowledged. And what else can be better than linen cushion covers which are not only made with the best fabric but also come in so many unique colors here at Live Linen?

Linen Cushion cover set


Chic Chambrays

Even before you greet your guests in your lavish Linen living room, we want our cushion covers to introduce you. Your room can be aesthetically pleasing and well-put-together just by using the right colors. Hence, using our cushion covers with twin interwoven threads give such a subtle elegance to the room with the twinning of two lovely yarns.



You now have the details you need to pick the appropriate cushion covers for your living area. Live Linen offers you the perfect combination of love, luxury, in so many designs, with gorgeous patterns. Therefore, without a doubt, grab onto our exquisite cushion covers from our website and redefine your living room style.

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