5 Personalized Gifts for Friends & Family

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Looking for the perfect present for your loved ones can be a real challenge. Sometimes you’ll have to spend a lot of time exploring one store after the other, in search of the perfect gift. But thanks to technological innovation, you can now shop for exceptional presents from the convenience of your home. The best place to get thoughtful, personalized linen gifts for your special people has to be Live Linen, offering a collection of beautiful linen creations made with utter luxury and love.

Personalized Cushion Covers

Personalized Gifts

Thanks to the beauty of pure Belgian linen, carefully handcrafted cushion covers are something your friends & family are always going to cherish. The feeling of you being there, finding solace within, and looking at beautiful patterns is unbeatable. 

Our collection includes all kinds of designs for each one of you. For a person who loves nature, we have our Hand Block Prints, and for those who like borderwork on their cushion covers, our Needled Cushion Covers can be the best pick. Thus, order from a range of gorgeous personalized gifts of linens while reminiscing your nearest & dearest.

Linen Napkins for Personalized Gifts


Dining is fun when you use striking accessories with your special dinnerware, especially when the accessories embrace the luxe of linens. And the best part of giving these as gifts is you don’t have to wait for any specific occasion. Linen Table Napkins are as good for a housewarming gift as for a welcoming party gift. Add a meaningful message to the whole present-giving gesture through the act of gift giving with bespoke products from Live Linen. Our personalized gifts section of Linen Table Napkins For Dinner has not only the softness & delicacy of the fabric but also the sentiment of our artisans, who can machine-stitch the names or initials of your close ones. You can choose the Needled, Fringes, Chambray Napkin Sets, and many more from our Collection.

Tote Bags as Personalized Gifts

For those in the cute girl era, we have a magnificent selection of Linen Tote Bags! A bag that makes a fashion statement when you enter any setting. A bag with your name on it that portrays your personality even when left unattended. Yes, our personalized gifts section of linen bags has all those characteristics. Since our artisans write names carefully on your picked products with a needled machine, there should not be any more dilemmas while choosing a meaningful gift for the ones close to your heart.

Personalized Aprons

Cooking is an art, and we all admire artists. Therefore, we take pride in bringing some of the softest, sumptuous linen kitchen aprons for Women your way. With a 100% Belgian touch and intricate details of embroidery of the name you adore, these can be one of the best personalized gifts for Women. Our Striped and Solid Aprons come with a handy pocket in front and easily knottable ties. So stop worrying about the stains and let your family and friends cook carefree.

Personalized Pouches

What can bring more happiness than a little caretaker for your accessories? To carry your makeup, toiletries, or any little thing that mysteriously vanishes from your handbag. Live Linen has the perfect Linen Pouch made just for your loved ones or even you (why not treat yourself!). You can get names or even initials embellished on it just the way you like it. If you know someone who loves to keep their stuff well-organized, put their name on it and send this fashionably cute pouch as a token of care.

Bottom Lines

Receiving & giving gifts is always exciting because these gifts connect with the sentiments of your beloved one and convey feelings that sometimes words can’t. We at Live Linen make sure to put a smile on each face. Therefore, here we come with the purest of intentions and Belgian linen and offer you some of the best ideas for personalized Linen gifts.

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