7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Cloths

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Aesthetically, Linen has reached an almost unmatched height by any other fabric. It exudes a certain level of charm and sophistication that had made aesthetic linen clothes a favorite among Egyptian royals and still makes it a cherished material among influencers and fashion gurus around the globe. But Linen is valued for its aesthetic value. Sure, there is no doubt that Linen cloths can elevate an outfit or even the interiors of a room within seconds, but the question remains. Does Linen have anything to offer other than its aura of sophistication and elegance? The answer is, Linen is a gift that doesn’t stop giving. Its beauty is just one part of it. So let us go ahead and see, what are the seven benefits of wearing Linen?


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Resilience & Durability of Linen Cloths

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that for a fabric that has not only traveled kilometers but also centuries, strength would be one of its qualities. Linen is more durable and resilient than most of its contemporaries, and it is one of the strongest natural fibers, which retains its strength and charm even after several washes. So whether you are looking for Pure linen cloths online that will withstand the after-effects of your hectic lifestyle, or you are looking for something that will live up to the adventurous spirit of your toddler, Linen is the answer for you.

Its Inherent Hypoallergenic and Insect Repellent Qualities

When you choose a fabric, you decide it not only because it appeals to you aesthetically but also because it is gentle for your skin. Well, Linen excels in both the department. While its aesthetic value is undisputed, what makes it unique is how much it cares for your skin. Most synthetic fabrics like polyester aren’t essentially kind to your skin, especially on a hot and humid day. Many have experienced painful rashes and allergies due to the material resting negatively on their skin. But Linen is simply a league apart. Its inherent hypoallergenic nature means that it will not mete out the torture of allergies and breakouts to your skin even in humid and uncomfortable weather. Also, did we mention that it has natural insect repellent qualities? That’s right, with Linen, you don’t have to worry about moths or insects creeping into them and running your beloved pieces.

It Can Be Your Best Friend in All Seasons

We all know that Linen cloths are an absolute favorite during the summers, but what if we tell you that it can be your best friend even during the monsoons and winter. Let us tell you how. Most of us would shriek internally at the very thought of wearing Linen in the monsoon. But hear us out before making the final judgment. What would you look for in ideal monsoon wear? Something that doesn’t cling to your body? Something that is absorbent and dries fast? Something that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction to your skin? Well, linen ticks all the boxes. Linen is a breathable fabric, and its moisture-wicking quality is almost incomparable. To add to this, its inherent hypoallergenic property means that it would be kind and gentle to your skin even in this season of discomfort and humidity. Linen in monsoon does make sense, but what about Linen in winters? That surely cannot be right. Well, if layered correctly, Linen can be excellent winter wear too. Linen comes in varying thicknesses, and while light Linen can be your summer go-to, a thicker one can be your perfect winter wear. Thicker Linen will have all its inherent qualities like being anti-bacterial and breathable, keeping your body warm. So layer up and turn heads in your linen winter wear clothing.


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Its Breathable Nature Will Make Sure You Remain Comfortable

Linen’s breathable nature made it an absolute must-have in the scorching heat of the Mediterranean, and it is also one of the reasons why people around the globe still adore it. Its breathability aids airflow, and hence it doesn’t suffocate you on a hot summer day. To add to it, its absorbent properties prevent Linen from getting damp quickly, and therefore it safeguards you from getting uncomfortable or catching a cold even amidst sweat and perspiration. 

Linen Cloths are Super Easy to Care & Maintain

Linen’s regal aura might lead to the belief that they are pretty high maintenance and, hence, expensive to take care of. The truth couldn’t be far from that. Despite their aesthetic appeal, they are pretty easy to take care of. You can effortlessly look after them at home, and they do not need to be dry cleaned. Unless it is your exceptional linen suit, in that case, you might want to consider the option of dry cleaning. Just show your Linen cloths some love, and they will be loyal to you for a year.

Linen Cloths Ages Like Wine

Just when you thought Linen couldn’t surprise you anymore, it does. Like most other fabrics, you expect Linen to lose its charm after the first few washes. But you would be wrong to equate Linen with other materials—linen ages gracefully, like wine if we may say so. Linen cloths tends to get softer and gentler with every wash. And not only that, but it also doesn’t lose color quickly as most other fabrics do. Talk about win-win.

It’s a Gift for our Planet Earth

When you wear Linen, you not only do justice to yourself, but you also give back to our planet. Linen is made from the flax plant, which can grow even in the harshest soil without requiring any special fertilizer. It is also a no-waste plant which means that every part of it can be utilized in one way or the other. In the department of sustainability, too, Linen is unbeatable. Production of Linen requires much less water than other fabrics like cotton. To add to it, Linen is completely biodegradable.

Linen truly emerges as the queen of fabrics with so many inherent qualities. And as one explores more and more with Linen, one discovers that it has endless love and gifts to offer. If you wish to open one such treasury, take a look at Live Linen

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