7 Fascinating Tales About Linen

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One of the oldest fabrics, Linen, has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used it as capital and as a sign of wealth, light, and purity when they wrapped the mummies of their pharaohs. Like cotton or bamboo, it is a natural fiber utilized for ages due to its extraordinary qualities. When properly managed, it can last decades because it is incredibly resilient and becomes softer with usage and washing. This beautiful fabric is ideal for people who shop for conscious living because it is entirely biodegradable. The adorable fabric is just so perfect that our hearts clung with some interesting facts and tales about it. Let’s get right into these fascinating tales.

Origin of the Word

The word ‘linen‘ comes from the Latin word ‘Linum’. However, some claim that the word originates from the Greek word ‘Linon’. Linum and linen refer to fabric made of flax plants. And hence, it does not produce any waste and is undoubtedly sustainable as it does not require much water to grow.

Heat Endurance

Linen has a heat conductivity that is 5 times greater than wool and 19 times greater than that of silk. It is said that linens can keep you cool even on the hottest days, a few degrees lower than those wearing silk and cotton. The loosely woven fibers allow your skin to breathe, and the fact that it dries so quickly is just the cherry on top.

Usage of Linen

Many people, to this day, still connect linen with sheets and pillows. Because of its strength and longevity, everyone prefers it over other materials to make household items such as tablecloths, upholstery, soft furnishings, and curtains. Our everlasting fabric’s durability is about twice as potent as cotton threads and three times when it comes to wool.

Super Food, Super Fabric

As we already know, the fibers of flax plants make linen, which also produces flaxseed. People have consumed flaxseed for thousands of years. But only recently has it become famous as a superfood, garnished on top of yogurt or in cereals at health-conscious cafes all over the world. If you’re skeptical about all the fuss, just know that these tiny granules are loaded with protein, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins. Moreover, flaxseed proves to help decrease cholesterol and promote weight loss.

Linen: A Luxury

The stunning cloth is designed to wick moisture away and dry off quickly . It is also said to be gentle on your skin and hence is known as a hypoallergenic material. The breathability of linen can keep your clothes feeling supple and permit proper airflow in the summers because of the loosely woven threads of the fabric. Not only that, but this magical material also retains the body heat in winter for you to enjoy the luxe of linen, all year round. Since the fibers get softer with each wash, they also feel like a feather when touched.

The fact that this beautiful material complements everything and is versatile is its most alluring quality. Despite being grown in such minimal conditions and with much less water intake, it tends to seek a bit of manual effort in retting out the seeds of the flax plant. The gorgeous fabric still manages to make you look enchanting & comfy, so what’s stopping you? We are already visualizing you donning a fabulous linen dress.


Linen Saves!

It can be intriguing to know that linen reduces gamma radiation by half, which also protects people from solar radiation. This amazing fabric is stain and dust-resistant because of its anti-static features. Furthermore, because linen is such a good conductor of heat, it keeps you dry, light, airy & cool, all at the same time in hot weather. In colder weather, linen can also act as a natural insulator that wicks moisture away and holds warmth if you layer over it. It keeps you dry and warmer than other materials like cotton or synthetics, which entrap moisture.

Endless Linen

If you enjoy something you can use all year long and not just during one or two seasons, linen is the ideal choice. Its ability to handle temperature keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Its ability to handle different temperatures so well is the reason why it can stay on the top of your closet all year round.

So why not go for linen this season and experience luxury while also being comfortable? Live Linen just happens to have what you need, whether it’s linen apparel or home furnishings! We have all the homegrown creations if you’re seeking elegance, tenacity, and luxury for the long haul.

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