7 Linen Dresses to Own This Fall

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In search of the most beautiful dress for fall and winter season? We have you covered with some of the most stunning Linen dresses for women for chilly weather! One widespread misunderstanding is that linen is a summer fabric. Well, not quite so. We’re here to showcase the versatility of linen and to present a few linen dresses from our lovely new Fall Collection. These new subtle pieces can elevate your existing wardrobe and are the basis of our key values of excellent quality, beautiful design, and conscious living. A fabric that keeps you warm on those chilly days and is perfect to set the style statement in a room full of people has to be a dream come true! Let’s unwrap our Fall Collection together.

Drizzle Shirt Linen Dress

The Linen Drizzle Shirt Dress is your friend when it’s too warm for a heavy coat yet too cold for a shirt or top. It features warmth and durability, is cut in a flowy yet flattering design, and is perfect for putting into a bag on a day out to get ready for the evening.

This workwear-inspired dress has charming design details, such as cute coconut husk buttons and a Kantha stitched collar. But also be ready for compliments when you wear this linen dress for an evening event. Choose from a variety of colors to find your ideal shade.


This full-sleeved linen dress is everything you could ask for this fall. A loose-fitted flared attire with traditional thread work on the placket, collar, and cuffs. Pair this beauty with flats and a hobo bag to give yourself that distinct look for the office or even a trip to the grocery store. We would have taken it in all the shades since a seamless fit is what we crave.

If you were searching for a laid-back look this fall, your wish has come true with our flowy linen dresses. Fall came through, and you’re not thinking of layering your attire? Not done! This exquisite, subtle creased dress can look lovely with a turtleneck and a pair of boots. Moreover, to complete the feminine outfit, you can slip on a gold chain and tie your hair back.

Hazel Maxi Linen Dress

A cute darling linen dress with the utmost comfort and luxe is ready to rule your closet this fall. This dress has won our hearts with balloon pattern sleeves and Kantha stitch work around the collar. You might also be head over heels for the look when you put it together with a standard leather jacket and a sling bag. Just remember to keep things simple and cozy this fall, and you’re ready to become the talk of the town.

Pinnacle Midi Linen Dress


Harbor Maxi Linen Dress

Our Fall Collection is incomplete without this Harbor Maxi Linen Dress. The V-neck pattern gives the dress a contemporary look, and full sleeves will keep you from the cold breeze. Also, did we tell you about the double-sided pockets? The entire dress is just a peach to own. Get ready for a fancy dinner with a pair of peep toe heels and our pretty Harbor maxi.

Harbor Maxi Linen Dress

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Florence Midi Linen Dress

This comfy midi linen dress features pleats at the waistline, ensuring perfect relaxation on days when comfort and ease are priorities. This charming linen dress has a timeless   round neck collar pattern and exquisite Kantha needlework around the waist. Indeed, with no work on your end, you can look like a goddess when you own the look with minimal jewelry, a scarf around your neck, and Corset Heels.

Florence Midi Linen Dress

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Rosa Maxi Linen Dress


An absolute delight from our Fall Collection of linen dresses is here. Look no further if you’re seeking an itsy-bitsy dress to throw on quickly yet save you on a windy day. We adore the three-tiered ruffled design with the added beauty of modest pleats around the neck. Its button-down placket made of coconut shells makes it so special and comfy. Therefore, you can easily wear it on a pair of stockings and high ankle boots and top the whole look with a Western Hat.

Rosa Maxi Linen Dress

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The linen midi dresses in our fall collection are simply swoon-worthy! And the entire collection is as sustainable and whimsical as it is ethical. What’s your excuse, then? A lightweight yet warm, durable yet chic collection awaits the modification to your closet.

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