A Guide to Autumn Season Home

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There’s a slight aroma of pumpkin spice in the air, the leaves are starting to turn brown, and the evenings are getting shorter. Autumn is on its way! Grab a cup of coffee, put on some cozy socks, and read our helpful guide to preparing your house for this changing season. But as the beauty arrives, chores come along too. Many things add to your to-do list when Autumn Season knocks on your door. 

From getting your home in top condition before winter and Christmas to tidying up your outdoor space. To thoroughly clean the house and update your seasonal autumn decor. We should prepare our homes for the autumn season as we change our clothes and way of life to suit the current season. Additionally, the autumnal season brings several festivals. Therefore, your home needs to be revamped for the forthcoming season.


Cushions & Throws


Make your home feel autumn season ready by decorating the table in a seasonal theme. A simple yet luxurious tablescape is a terrific place to start in your foyer. Our European Table Linens will make the entire table setting look aesthetic and eye-pleasing. The softness and gentle texture of the linen fabric is something to talk about when you have visitors over. Our linen tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and even placemats come in such neutral tones and sumptuous designs that you cannot hold yourself back from falling for them. Lastly, we recommend using glass cloche containers and terra cotta pots for a little garden flare.


Go Natural this Fall


Staying natural is the new fashion statement. So, pick sustainable & natural elements to decorate your home with Live Linen. Since the autumn season comes bearing festivals, perhaps a personalized linen pouch, a tote bag for a loved one, or even some gift cards can redefine your affinity with them. Everything in our linen collection is naturally & explicitly handcrafted for you with conscious efforts & sheer love. Numerous patterns, shades, and designs in each product are just a dream come true with Live Linen. 

You can also use dried-out leaves & flower petals from your garden or buy fake plants in interior decor shops. Additionally, you can encircle your beautiful linen curtain rings with leaf strings. That reminds us of our next step.


Draping Through the Hallways


Try adding linen curtains with a neutral backdrop and eye-catching warm color needlework to give lively color to your living areas. The designs evoke the spirit of autumn season inside your home, and the linen fabric ensures that there is enough light. The easiest way to revive a room’s energy, especially with a neutral color scheme, is to add seasonally appropriate curtains in bright, intense shades of orange and red. With classic Kantha curtain stitching, you can add additional layers of your culture and spice up the holiday celebrations by going all out!


Bottom Lines


For the upcoming change, remember to get your comfy linen clothingAutumn Season is the time of the year to take the wool coats and jackets out of the closet, and you should go for long sleeves and full-length linen pants. Cozy, thick linen loungewear is a must-have for your fall closet, ideal for relaxing around the home. While sipping hot cocoa, planning all the indoor activities you want to complete before spring, and running some quick errands on a windy day.

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