Bedroom Ideas to Beat Those December Dulls

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As winter adds a bit of gloominess to the day, we are here to uplift your mood and add warmth to your home and life. That glow when the sun beams through the window in your bedroom is definitely a sight to watch, but as December approaches, it has made the environment dull. Let's get into the lovely paradise of linens with the utmost comfort and warmth.


Set up a Cozy Reading Area


Making a cozy spot in your bedroom by a window with a lovely view would be ideal at this time of year when you need a place to sit and unwind on a chilly winter day. Bring Pure Luxury Linen Curtains into your room, place a comfy sofa or chair near the window, and read your favorite book holding the softest and Linen Luxury Cushion Covers in your lap and an amazing rug lying on the floor. We advise you to put a comfortable footstool while reading and curl yourself up with our gorgeous Linen Throw to spend your afternoons.

If you were wondering how to hang your curtains efficiently, here are some tips:



Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Use long, flowing Pure Linen curtains to extend the look of your bedroom and create the sense of higher ceilings when decorating a comparatively smaller room.

Instead of hanging your curtains just above the door or window frame, hang them from ceiling to floor. Consider hovering the curtains a few inches above the edge if your roof is higher than usual. Tall curtains seem elegant with their smooth, unbroken fall, and they work exceptionally well in small areas because they attract the eye up and away from the intimacy of the place.


Bedroom Ideas with Nature


The room with small plants and natural light feels so elegant and relaxing. There is no way you will get December Dulls with the refreshing touch of green plants. Speaking of refreshing touch, our linen collection has ample rejuvenating layering for your bedroom with our beautiful and luxury Linen Bedsheets sets and Furnishings that feel comforting and eye-pleasing.  

Houseplants contrast beautifully with a simple monochromatic color scheme. A gorgeous painting over the bed can provide a character to the room and unify space.


Bedroom Ideas with Lovely Linens


A room with enough space, lots of natural light, and the comfort of linens is a match made in heaven. Your bedroom will look absolutely stunning with our winter collection decor and the soothing, snug Linen Duvet Covers and Quilts. The exploding beauty of contemporary-looking Linen Bedsheets and matching them with the beguiling Linen Curtains can pull the entire look together of your bedroom.

Include a Rug

 Even if a room already has wall-to-wall carpeting, an area rug can be a terrific way to define spaces within a room or add color and character. If you currently have a carpet in a specific spot, it could be time to replace it with a different one to make a small change in your home.

The best part is that you can use our gorgeous Luxury Linen Bed Throws from our collection as rugs to make your bedroom more fascinating and livable. Always remember that even a few minor tweaks can have a notable impact.


Final Thoughts!

Live Linen is all about offering you a heavenly experience and bringing back liveliness into your homes. Our Winter Collection of Luxury linen bedding online can easily sweeten the look while keeping you snug and warm. Choose the best neutral hues for your bedroom ideas, whether Rusty ochre, Cinnamon Swept, Mud Brown, or Grey Groove. You can add textures and tones to your bedroom with a sense of coziness. Pick wisely!

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