Best Bedding Set up Ideas to Mix and Match Linens

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It’s a challenge to incorporate various items and create bedding that works in harmony to bring you peace. We understand that mixing too many items at once or deciding on the right color palette that matches your taste and indoors is a tough job. Hence, we feel you and would love to help you visualize your indoors with some of our best linen Bedding set up ideas that we personally follow and are in love with. To mix and match like an expert, keep reading!


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Bedding Set Up Ideas in Earthy Tones

If you wish to introduce some earthy vibrations in your bedroom or give a touch of autumn and spice, try getting your hands on rusty ochre, mud brown, and clay caffeine. These colors are wonderfully presented with a dash of warmth to create your bedroom’s warm and inviting ambiance. The final results will leave you experiencing true bliss, and the colors will come to life if you have a lovely window in your room to let the sunlight in.

Bedding Set-Up Ideas in Contrasts

Showcased Bedding setup is ideal for those who seek sophistication and a sense of luxury in their bedroom. They can mix our Crushed Violets and Angora White colors and create a luxurious ambiance. These colors are beautiful and soft to match with white walls or any pale-colored walls, giving a fresh look to your abode. The mélange can work miraculously when added to different textures, such as hand quilts, Luxury duvet covers, cushions, and luxury Linen pillowcases. The pop of deep purple will complement the white and introduce you to a newfound indulgence.

Dark and Sophisticated Bedding Set-Up Ideas

This section is for you if you find yourself falling for dark hues. Not too catchy and yet remarkable, the Grey Groove is your color if the styling done here caught your eye. The color is also a classic choice to try contrast with Angora White. It can match with minimal interiors and speak volumes for your rich taste. The color also highlights other added accessories or elements around. If you like adding metal décor, the color will bring them to everyone’s attention, and it also enables them to look crisp and classic.

Warmth and Sunshine with Linen Bedding

The featured Bedding setup idea is perfect for the days when there is a slight chill in the air. This happy shade of yellow, called Summer Yellow, will greet you with so much warmth and delight. It’s also a beautiful rich yellow shade that can call for all the attention. The example here is beautifully backed with a Luxury summer yellow quilt on top, adding genuine warmness to the bedroom.

Falling in Love with the shades of Blue

Keep it cool and breezy with Moody Blue and Mystical Blue. This one is one of our favorites from the modern bedding set up ideas because there is no such thing as too much blues! Ideal bedding style for the little man in your house and a perfect way to add a touch to calmness and serenity in your space. If you wish to add a dark tone to the set up, let the Mystical shade rule the style in the form of a duvet cover set with pillowcases.


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You can experiment with different textures and patterns in addition to the given bedding set up choices. At Live Linen, you can spot fringes, ruffles, stripes, solids, threadwork, and even embroidery. We recommend you unleash your imagination and choose something that stirs your fancy, whether you favor minimal tones or something a little crazy. We have a beautiful color palette, ideal for every home, interior, mood, or season. Fall in love with linen and a beautiful rainbow of colors presented at Live Linen. 

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