Best Ways to Remove Lint from Clothes

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As our favorite weather is here, the winter clothes have pulled out. All you can think about now is how and what you are going to wear with your trench coat. Or perhaps, which boots are you going to pair with the office outfit tomorrow? Winter clothing also means one thing – lint.


Whether it’s white lint on dark clothing or vice versa, lint never looks lovely on any apparel. However, there are times when you’re halfway out the door, and then realize your clothes are covered in tiny, cunning clumps of lint. It is essential to remove lint from your clothes, to ensure your looks are perfect. 

We’re here to help you remove lint quickly. Use our simple, at-home methods to get your strands in shape and keep those annoying lint balls at bay.

But First, What is Lint?

A piece of lint is a tangled clump of minute fibers that separate from the fabric but remain attached by a short stem.

How to Remove Lint?

Since it is crucial to take care of your lovely linens, knowing how to wash them properly is the only thing that matters. If you have scrubbed your favorite linens with a lot of lint, it is advised to start by rewashing them without detergent and rinsing in water with a small amount of liquid fabric softener.

Cold Wash to Remove Lint

Washing your linen clothes in cold water on a gentle or permanent press cycle will produce significantly less lint buildup than in hot water and vigorous movement.

Select your Fabrics to Remove Lint

Linens and other clothing with buttons and zippers should be put in a different load. During washing and drying, buttons and zippers naturally create friction, which results in more lint when they come into contact with sensitive clothing.

Remove Lint Makers

You should always wash a blanket or sweatshirt that you know produces lots of lint separately from the rest of your laundry. If you want to remove lint from your clothes, remember never to clean your towels with your clothes because they are eminent for making lint.

Try Line Drying to Remove Lint

Most lint is produced in the dryer when heat, friction, and static are in full force. We advise you to avoid all three by line drying, which also saves electricity. If you cannot line-dry everything, consider doing so with lighter clothing to avoid heavy sweater lint traps.

After Wash

Even on the delicate wash option, friction still uses force by your washing machine. The clothing moves around and rubs against one another as the machine rotates. While the constant contact also leads to the separation and breakage of loose garment fibers, again producing a lot of lint.


Furthermore, the dryer creates more friction as the clothes rotate during the heated cycles. Therefore, as one of the main reasons clothing retains lint, minimizing the use of a dryer to remove lint from your clothes can be a good idea.


Fuzz sticks to clothing because of the static cling. Even while you can use specialized items like antistatic spray to solve this issue, almost all materials exhibit some static cling. Of course, it is impossible to remove lint entirely by washing and drying your clothes over time. But keeping these suggestions in mind, can easily give your clothing a new life.

Wrapping Up!

Linen is simply the most sought-after fabric but it’s not too hard to maintain. However, it is best always to read the care label on your gorgeous linen clothing and home furnishing. Linens need a little attention, and they are good to go for years. Therefore, follow our tips to remove lint effortlessly and enjoy the glamor affair for the longest time.

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