Collab Diary: Masoom’s Way To Beat The Heat

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It is always a pleasure to see people wearing our linens but collaborating with Masoom Minawala Mehta; a leading Indian lifestyle influencer globally, was a splendid experience. #MissStyleFiesta proudly represents India at various international fashion shows and festivals. Thus working with her was such a delight for us. Have a look at her adorably sharing her adoration with our beautiful moody blue linen dress. 

It’s true that she’s “living in linen,” as she puts it. With the scorching sun and rising temperatures, linen is an excellent choice and is a winner when it comes to finding the perfect summer attire. Masoom is lovingly embraced by our Linen Petunia Dress, which keeps her relaxed and at ease thanks to the pattern and fabric’s rich comfort. So, if you’re running errands and want to look stylish, try one of our latest linen summer dresses.

Masoom Minawala
If there is any summer vacation by the beach or somewhere tranquil in your mind, linen is perfect because it keeps you cool and absorbs moisture, such as sweat, keeping you pleased on hot days. Linen shirts and tops are another great way to achieve effortless grace while keeping up with the trends and style. The pants are super comfy in your range, giving a relaxed touch to your everyday look. The fabric also offers excellent breathability, allowing your skin to feel fresh while the linen ensemble skims you and wins your heart ever so gently! 

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