Get Inspired by Our Clients’ Stunning Room Linen Makeovers

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Clearly, we are obsessed with Linen, and it’s always a sight to see our customers falling for it too. We always say Linen is more than just a piece of fabric, it’s a lifestyle in itself, and once you adapt to it, there is no going back. If you are also building your cart and mind to buy Linens Online, now is your chance to get some of the gorgeous room linen products with the inspirations featured below.

Witness Our Community Living With Linens:

Sharmila, a very talented aesthete, and lifestyle blogger, created this lovely setting that is both refreshing and elegant. Find a customized ruffle cushion cover in the heart of this setup with our classic striped duvet cover set. The entire setting is vibrant and fresh, making it a great summer style to include in your home. If you like a lot of different textures and accents, this room linen set is perfect for you!



Take a look at this stunning combination of our lovely Rose Chambray Bedsheet with a beautiful herringbone throw. The creative Surbhi Sethi Dua made this excellent arrangement. We adore her color scheme and how everything blends together to create a soothing setting. Aside from the room linen, the live plants in the back complement the natural spirit of the linens, creating a scenic view and experience. A magical setup to bring some life to your space and relish the serenity of nature. 

Feel alive with this stunning room linen setup created by Aayushi Bangur. The fresh olive color is gingerly sprinkled around the space, and the calmness of angora white. This kind of Pure linen bedding set is ideal for those who seek the joys and blessings of wilderness. Bring the tranquility of nature into your home with this stunning color scheme, showcasing the best of this natural fabric and its inspiration. 


bedding set


After seeing these majestic room linen makeovers and what these lovely people created with the fabric’s allure, it isn’t easy to pick just one. These marvels will always be among our favorites. We’d love to see all of you living and loving Linen with Live Linen. If you wish to get featured on our website or social media, don’t forget to tag us or use #LiveLinen.

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