Get Your Getaway Essentials Ready!

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It is the most challenging yet crucial step when you decide to go on a quick getaway. After booking the tickets, making the packing list has to be on priority. Bringing various assets on a journey is ideal because buying everything at each destination is impractical and time-consuming. Therefore, the best strategy for staying put is to pack everything with you in advance.

This blog focuses on what to pack while keeping your bag light. Keep an eye on all the accessories you’d like to bring, as that’s where we tend to stumble. The ultimate travel checklist is here in this post for your consideration as you plan a vacation.

A Backpack to Getaway

Well, of course, to plan a getaway, you need a backpack, and what if we tell you that a linen backpack not only does look good but is also ideal for a quick vacation? It is light in weight and has an aesthetic yet functional design. You can easily put your weekend clothes and your essentials in this bag. Our Linen Bags, made with the purest European Linen, is fashioned so that the flap elegantly covers and secures the front with a coconut shell button.

Napkins for the Getaway!

Napkins are not just for dining tables, you can also use them as hand towels while traveling through your getaway. Keeping them on top while packing can be a good idea to reach them quickly. Our Linen Napkin Collection has enticing details and patterns to make you look absolutely stunning, even while wiping off your sweat.

Getaway without Linen Clothes?

A breathable, warm, and comfortable collection of clothes is always a necessity for winter getaways. Live Linen has fashionably comfortable clothes for both men and women. From dresses to shirts, from pants to skirts, we have everything to make your winter getaway a delight. Eternal Stripes, Traditional Stitches, Intricate details, and whatnot in our endless collection of linens are waiting for you.


Weekend vacations are ideal when you need a break and traveling light at that time is a must. But don’t allow your last minute weekend getaway to leave you unprepared. By making a thorough packing list for your weekend travel, you can avoid leaving anything behind. Pick from the most luxurious linens and travel smart without compromising on the style and glamor.

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