How to Keep Your Bedsheets in Place?

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One of the most serene hours of the day is right before getting into bed for a good rest. However, your laid-back demeanor might quickly change if your bedsheets suddenly pop off in the middle of the night or when you are making your bed. And yes, it might not be a life-changing problem in the big picture, but since we value restful sleep, here we are. Some exciting tips to prevent your sheets from slipping off the mattress are waiting for you! 

Why do Bedsheets Keep Slipping Off?

Do you ever wonder why a problem like this even arises? Let us walk you through the usual reasons. It is possible that you got the undersized or wrong-sized bedsheets if they keep falling off the mattress. Fortunately, we have a solution for this. Simply take off the bed’s covers or Luxury Duvet cover sets and check the mattress for a size label. If you cannot find the tag, you can use a measuring tape to ascertain the dimensions and get your beautiful sheets according to that.




Fabric of the Bedsheets

Your choice of bed linens can play a significant role in this aggravating problem. Our 100% European Linens are here to save you from the pesky slipping bed sheets while keeping you comfortable all night long. You might want to switch on our linen bed sheets for that cloudy touch and smooth texture. Linen Bedsheets in our gorgeous collection make it easier for you to mismatch with all the themes and moods of your Linen bedroom decor.



Bedsheets that do not Cling

Luxury Linen bedsheets sets look absolutely luxurious and are supple for any bedroom decor or your mattress. Since there are times when you need a mattress protector to ensure that your bedsheet does not cling to the bed, you can add a mattress protector or topper of an appropriate size to avoid parting with your wonderful sheets. Consequently, it increases friction and prevents sheets from slipping off the bed when they are smooth.

It’s only natural that your bedsheets get tattered over time. Hence we advise using bed linens every two to three years as they can wear out. Fitted sheets fall off the mattress because of tearing and stretching in the elastic over time. It is high time you should swap them out if you see this happening.



Fitted or Flat Sheets?

This one is more dependent on individual taste. Because flat bedsheets lack elastic, some people find them much easier to manage and less prone to bounce off the edges of the bed. Contrarily, many people find that fitted sheets stay in place better than flat sheets since the loose fabric of a flat sheet can often bunch up and fall off your bed. Always choose a deep-fitting type with a depth that will stick to your mattress if you choose a fitted sheet.

Tuck, Tuck, and Tuck!

No matter what kind of sheets you pick, remember to tuck them neatly beneath each corner of your mattress. This can result in keeping the sheets in place when you move around in your bed. There are various helpful folding techniques you can try if you have a flat sheet to help make bedsheets sets stay where they are. One of the very common methods is the “hospital corner,” which was first used in hospitals but has since been adopted by countless upscale housings and luxurious suites worldwide.




Live Linen has so many enticing patterns and designs for your perfect bedsheets. All we want for you is to experience the utmost luxury, beauty, and comfort from our Pure Luxury linen bedding collection. You can decorate your bedding with our linen duvet covers to give your bedroom a chic touch of solace.

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