How to Wash Your Bed Linens?

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Linen is everyone's beloved! And it's easy to reckon why people love linen so much, and the reason is simple. Linen is remarkably durable, usually surviving for a decade or even more. Hence, you should correctly maintain the purity and charm of this treasured fabric. Once you've spent money on the ideal bed linens, you want to make sure it endures the test of time, much like your favorite pair of clothing. Fortunately, linen makes it simple for you. Our Belgian flax sheets from Live Linen make your bedroom look like it came straight out of a high-end magazine cover, and the quality of our linen is also easy to maintain in both looks and feels. Hence, we are taking you through some simple tips to help keep your bed linens gorgeous for years to come.


Pre-Wash Bed Linens

Keeping in mind to spot-clean and treat any stubborn stains on all bed linens can be a good idea. Additionally, be sure to inspect the pillowcases for oil and makeup stains. Prewash stain remover can help remove the stains on your beautiful bed linens. Before washing linens, always address stains. Because bleach can harm bed linens' fabric, you can avoid using it on them. Instead of bleach, you can add some amount of lemon juice to the wash to brighten the white linens. Before washing, read the care label to see if there are any special detergent requirements for special fabrics like linen.

While Washing Bed Linens

Although linen is a high-end fabric, it doesn't require much maintenance, and you can clean it in a regular washing machine. In fact, the more you wash your linens, the softer they become. Thus, soaking the linens in lukewarm water can make the process easier. You can change your washing machine to a gentle cycle and warm water setting. Also, you can use a mild detergent in order to avoid unwanted damage to your favorite bedding. 

Since linen is a luxurious fabric, taking care of them might feel like a hassle, but that is certainly not the case with Live Linen's Collection. Our bed linens collection ensures that you sleep soundly and experience utmost comfort while lying in and out of them. Hence, washing these linen lovelies won't be a problem while keeping them safe and enduring.

Post-Wash Bed Linens

Whilst, it occasionally makes the linen seem slightly stiff, air drying your linen sheets for durability is a good idea. You might wish to dry your sheets in batches because doing so will allow for an equal drying of the materials in smaller loads. After washing the bed linens mindfully, storing them nicely also saves time for the next time. You can place the folded and ironed sheet sets inside the matching pillowcases. This bed linens storing method works well in linen closets or bedroom closets. 


Final Thoughts!

Bed linens are amazing to use, that we all know, and staying comfortable in them is so easy. But their easy-to-care quality makes them even more special. We truly believe, choosing the beautiful and softest bedding from Live Linen's collections is going to be your best decision ever.

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