How to Wear Linen in Winters?

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Before linen made it to our wardrobes as our favorite, it undertook a long journey, starting right from the heartland of the Mediterranean to use of linen in Winter. The breathable nature of linen proved to be an oasis amidst the punishing heat of the Mediterranean region. It didn’t take long for the Egyptian royalties to notice this, and linen soon found itself being embraced by pharaohs for their royal clothing.
From the Mediterranean, linen soon started featuring in the wardrobes of the European elites, and it became their fabric of choice for the summers. While linen being everyone’s summer pick doesn’t come as a surprise, many tend to ignore linen’s immense potential in terms of being a fabric of all seasons and not just summer. Let’s find out if linen is in winter is a fine choice or not? 

It’s that time of the year again when a nip in the air and the beautiful smell of festivities have already started making rounds. The streets have taken on a beautiful orange color. Suddenly everything is pumpkin flavored. But what about your style statement this Winter? It is still not cold enough to take out the woolens, but that chill is definitely creeping in through your cotton wear. Confused about What to Wear in Winters, How about we suggest you wear linen in Winter? Let us show you how you can wear your linens this Winters.

Experiment with Different Blends

What if we tell you linens come in different thicknesses and blends. That’s correct. While light linen can be your summer go-to, a thicker one can be your perfect winter wear. Thicker linen will have all its inherent qualities, like being anti-bacterial and breathable, and it will keep your body warm. You can also take your pick from the array of blends that linen has to offer. For example, opt for a linen rayon blend, or if there’s a slightly more chill in the air, go for a linen wool blend.

Go Bold with Colors

The color palette of linen is winter is beautiful, to say the least, so why not embrace it in your style statement too. Set aside those subtle pastel shades for a while and those warm, bold hues. Just add yellows, orange, purples to your winter collection, and we promise you will make heads turn wherever you step your foot on.

Layer Your Linen in Winter!!

This undoubtedly is the most important tip to remember while styling your linen in winter. Are you going on a winter coffee date? Layer your linen dress with a trendy jacket and scarf. Have a business meeting? Opt for a blazer with your warm-hued linen shirt. Be playful with your skirts, too; experiment with stockings leggings that will complement your skirt. Keep an eye for linen overcoats jackets, and again, don’t be shy to experiment with different blends. The trick to rock line in the falls can be summed up in one word- Experiment. Experiment with thicknesses, combinations, colors, and layers. The possibilities are endless; all you have to do is take the first step.
Whoever told you that linen is just spring and summer wear is yet to discover the galore of gifts that linen has to offer. True, linen is great for summers, and its breathable and temperature regulating feature made it an absolute boon for the people in the Mediterranean region. But Limiting it to being a summer and spring fabric alone is nothing less than doing a disservice to its immense potential. Step out of your comfort zone and be bold enough to experiment with this beautiful phenomenon that linen is. And before you know, it will make you feel and look like a supermodel walking on the runway of an elite fashion week *wink* *wink*

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