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Most of you may already be aware that your favorite Linen is a natural Flax-made fabric that can last a lifetime if properly cared for or decompose if processed otherwise under the soil. To stay true to our passion for a natural material like Linen, we planned to come up with sustainable packaging and give our customers a guilt-free shopping experience. Now you can take comfort in knowing that your purchase will not take up space under the land and take years to decompose. Let us introduce you to our new sustainable packaging in detail and make you fall in love with Live Linen a little more today!

Our Sustainable Packaging Includes:

Tapioca starch and vegetable oil derivatives are used to create the inner packaging bag. Because it’s biodegradable and compostable, the bags are safe for the environment, animals, and even plants. They don’t contain any plastic and are even dust-resistant, making them an excellent choice for keeping your purchase safe and clean during transit. You’d be surprised to learn that the bag can dissolve instantly in hot water, making it an excellent choice for environmentally friendly packaging.

The product tags used on every product are also made from paper, with no plastic sticker to string attaching them to the product. They are beautiful, tied using a jute string by our crafters, giving the overall package a sense of personalized touch.

Every purchase is special to us, and we will never pass up an opportunity to tell you so and hence with every purchase, you will get a personalized greeting from Live Linen attached to your order invoice. Being a part of our sustainable packaging and order, you can expect nothing but paper, cardboard, ribbons, and our love in the package.

To protect your linen purchase and stay true to our conscious ethos, the out boxes are all made of hard cardboard. To avoid using unnecessary plastic tapes and seals, the box is further secured with a paper sticker at the opening.

Why Sustainable Packaging:

Do you know that according to official estimates, India generates about 3.4 million tonnes of plastic waste each year? It is high time for businesses and individuals to become conscious of the environment and living spaces. Live Linen takes pride in being a thoughtful brand and offers you sustainable packaging with your every purchase. We love mother earth and would love to keep her healthy and flourishing; that’s what Linen taught us. We only wish to offer you the purest love of Linen, and hence even the buttons used in our Linen clothing are made from coconut’s outer shell. We hope this small step will have a big impact!

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