Linen Cloth- An All-Season Favorite

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From carrying the aroma of the opulent Egyptian civilization to being a symbol of resistance and resilience in the American civil war, linen cloth is a heritage in itself. The breathable nature of linen proved to be an oasis amidst the punishing heat of the Mediterranean region. It didn’t take long for the Pharaohs to notice this, and linen soon found itself being embraced by pharaohs for their royal clothing. 

From the Meditteranean, linen soon started featuring in the wardrobes of the European elites, and it became their fabric of choice for the summers. 

While linen being everyone’s summer pick doesn’t come as a surprise, many tend to ignore linen’s immense potential in terms of being a fabric of all seasons and not just summer. Let us explore the endless possibilities linen offers in terms of being an “all-weather fabric.”

This is an absolute no-brainer that linen is an absolute favorite during the summers. Humid weather and a clingy fabric aren’t the ideal recipes for a great day. While changing the weather might be off-limits for us humans, changing the fabric definitely is not. The breezy linen cloth doesn’t stick to your skin and allows your body to breathe. It is great at keeping the heat at bay and it dries up much faster than other fabrics. On an unbearably hot afternoon, you might have 99 things on your mind, but worrying about your shirt sticking to your body due to perspiration doesn’t have to be one of them. However, linen doesn’t stop at just being a breathable fabric which is good on a hot day. Its inherent antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities mean that it won’t cause any irritable rashes on your skin; some fabrics may agitate your skin and cause reactions. But linen is not a fabric to impart pain, and it will keep you looking and feeling good in summer sans the displeasure. 

We surely will be talking about beddings and interior decorations. We mean, who wears linens in the monsoon? Most fashion gurus and experts have warned against doing linen during monsoons. But have you stopped and wondered why? Why would a fabric that is breathable, absorbent, and hypoallergenic not make it to your monsoon wear list? Aren’t these the qualities you look out for in your monsoon attire?

The under-exploration of linen’s potential of being monsoon wear has a lot to do with people associating linen with the lighter and more sublime hues. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, linen in muted hues genuinely is a sight to behold, but that doesn’t mean it stops at that. Explore the bolder shades that linen has to offer. Bring out the vibrant yellows blues and light up your own home and the world on a gloomy monsoon day.

If you are worried about taking care of precious linen pieces during the monsoon, then that’s no rocket science. Make sure to store them in dry and ventilated places. Our beloved linen cloth is a little claustrophobic, so storing them in a damp and closed space might not be the best way. Most importantly, make sure that they are completely dried after you wash your linens before storing them away. Show your linens some love and watch them take away your monsoon blues. 

What if we told you that linen could be the life of the party even in the season of pumpkin-spiced lattes and longer evenings. Fall is almost indicative of the holiday season being around the corner, and what better to celebrate it than sporting your favorite yellow or orange linen pieces. 

Step up your fashion game by pairing your linen apparel with other fabrics or choosing a heavier linen blend. For instance, opt for a linen rayon blend, or if there’s a slightly more chill in the air, go for a linen wool blend. Take your pick from the warmer and bolder hues to turn heads as you walk by. Layering is vital if you want to stay loyal to your linen pieces. Layer your linen shirt with a linen waistcoat followed by a jacket and bid adieu to the nip in the air.

Hear us out before rolling your eyes. Linen cloth can be great winter wear! Yes, you read it right. As we just discussed, the popular notion of linen being just summer and spring has a lot to do with not being able to sufficiently tap the immense potential that linen has to offer in terms of being an all-season favorite. Linen comes in varying thicknesses, and while light linen can be your summer go-to, a thicker one can be your perfect winter wear. Thicker linen will have inherent qualities like being antibacterial and breathable, keeping your body warm.

The trick is the same as fall. Experiment with different blends, bolder colors, and layering. Are you going on a winter coffee date? Layer your linen dress with a trendy jacket and scarf. Have a business meeting? Opt for a blazer with your warm-hued linen shirt. The possibilities are endless; all you gotta do is explore.

Linen truly is an all-season fabric, and limiting it to being a summer and spring fabric alone is nothing less than doing a disservice to its immense potential. Step out of your comfort zone and be bold enough to experiment with this beautiful phenomenon that linen cloth is. And before you know, it will make you feel and look like a million bucks.

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