Linen Vs Cotton

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Natural fabrics have a lineage that synthetic & artificial materials can only envy. These fabrics are a heritage in itself, witnessing and part of human evolution. However, over time, we tend to choose sides with the material of our choice, and they become our end all be all. History has witnessed several tussles among fabrics, each claiming its superiority over the other, and today we will be talking about one such age-old debate- Cotton Vs. Linen. Linen, Cotton, both beautiful fabrics however with slight differences. Let’s find out-

Linen, Cotton- Which is more popular?

There is no doubt that cotton by far is more widely used around the globe. It is one of the most popular fabrics globally and has been a close ally of humankind for a long time now. It is not hard to gauge the reasons for this immense popularity that cotton enjoys. It is lightweight, versatile, easy to make, and affordable, and it is often the go-to choice for most people on a hot and humid day. While these cotton qualities are well accounted for, is cotton the only fabric that embodies all of these qualities? Amidst this insane popularity of cotton, do we tend to overlook a cloth that not only possesses all these qualities but, on many occasions, outshine cotton too?

One such fabric which deserves more visibility for the quality it bears is linen. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to man and has been man’s constant ally throughout the entire process of evolution. Although many adore linen and wouldn’t have anything over it, linen continues to be viewed mainly as a fabric meant merely for summer wear. Let us break this myth and show you how linen can be a worthy competitor of cotton in almost all spheres.

Linen Vs. Cotton Bedding

Let us delve into the sphere of home and interior decor first. Cotton bedding is widely used worldwide for many qualities that it imbibes. Cotton can be woven into soft bedding items and can be a good choice for summer. However, it doesn’t have great moisture-wicking qualities and can take longer to dry, and this might not bore very well on a humid night. It also doesn’t boast of any heat retention quality, not making it ideal for chilly nights. 

Now let’s talk about linen. To begin with, linen is a much more durable and stronger fabric as compared to cotton. And unlike most other materials, linen ages gracefully like a wine. Most fabrics will lose their charm and fade after a few washes, but then hey, linen is not like most fabrics. Not only will linen last longer, but it will continue to survive with all its glory. 

The following property that linen boasts of, which should undoubtedly make it the Queen of bedding, is its temperature regulating quality. It can keep you cool on a hot and sultry night, and it can also keep you warm and snug on a frost, chilly night. Not to mention it has incredible moisture absorption qualities, which means it will dry up much faster on an uncomfortable humid night. 

So, if enjoying a blissful good night’s sleep is what you are looking for, then linen is the answer. 

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Linen Vs. Cotton Clothing

Now let us talk about the elephant in the room, line vs. cotton clothing. It is no surprise that everyone cherishes cotton as being a favorite when it comes to summertime clothing. The reason behind this fanfare is also not hard to see, and its light and breathable nature make it an apt choice for summers. The same qualities are possessed by linen too, and when it comes to summerwear, linen does get its fair share of acknowledgment.

Now let’s delve into the nuances. One of the spheres where linen stands as a clear winner is when it comes to durability. Your favorite cotton top may start losing its charm after a few washes, and over time the quality of the fabric itself may begin to deteriorate. However, linen, the wine of the material, won’t put you through that trauma. It will continue to be excellent and make you look terrific for a long time.

Let’s talk about convenience, shall we? We all love low-maintenance stuff, and in the fabric world, low maintenance=linen. A fabric that doesn’t require much ironing dries up instantly and possesses anti-bacterial qualities. It’s almost like a gift that doesn’t stop giving. This leaves no doubt about which fabric wins this round. So make the smart choice and opt for linen.

Linen and the Planet

We have debated enough about the eternal contest between cotton and linen regarding our personal needs. Now let’s deliberate which one is better for our mother nature. Linen is far less resource hungry than most fabrics, and it is derived from flax plants which can grow even in barren soil, and it requires much less water as a cotton plant would need to produce the same cotton. To add, flax plants require zero to almost nil pesticides while growing, while cotton plant requires a significant amount of external chemical agents to produce a decent yield.
The tale doesn’t end here. Unlike many other fabrics, linen fibers can be processed without chemicals. This leaves not even a morsel of doubt about which material is the clear winner for sustainability and the environment.

Whether in the department of aesthetics, durability, practicality, or nature, linen seems to have emerged as a clear winner in all these departments. So it’s about time we start acknowledging and appreciating linen for the endless love and gift that it has to offer and embrace it not only for us but also for the environment.

We hope that by now, you have a better understanding of the differences between linen and cotton, as well as when it is ideal to use both. Continue reading our posts to find additional reasons to buy linen and understand more about this fantastic fabric.

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