Mix & Match Guide to Deck Your Bed

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Our days start in our bed, and nights end in them as well, so they need to be more restful as they are more private and cozy elements of our home. 

We are not saying that your bedding is entirely incorrect, but there are a few things that can change your lifestyle. And it’s definitely not your fault, most people do not pay attention to their bedding. Since autumn is a great time to be creative with the space where you will spend more time in the coming months due to the longer, colder, darker nights and lazy mornings. You will love some of our suggestions for making your bed an enticing place to unwind!

The Ideal Mattress

When you don’t have the right mattress, the headboard and frame of your bed are pointless. You do not want to inevitably toss and turn all night long and wake up with a sore spot in your neck or spine, do you? Hence, spending a good amount of thought on the right mattress can be a wise idea. You can go for a foam mattress, innerspring or a hybrid one depending on what your body needs. Or perhaps check out this really good piece we came across about all aspects and sleeping habits you need to look for before picking the best mattress.

Choosing Different Styles for the Bed

Working with different textile patterns can be a lot, but when you overlay different patterns onto your bedding, you can make your bed and bedroom much more intriguing. Even though the materials are not unique, mixing and matching your favorite designs and colors creates a lavish appearance. You can combine our Linen Striped Bedding with our warming Linen Hand Tucked Quilt and drape our linen throw over it. Another attractive option can be, you can blend our Slumber Solid bed sheets sets with Linen Lace Delight Duvet Cover sets to give your bedroom a classic and luxurious look.

A Monochromatic Bed

Sticking to a single color can ensure consistency while experimenting with your taste and different designs. You can layer our Monochrome Lace duvet sets in your bed  with our aesthetic Linen Twill Weave Throw in the same tone over solid bed sheets first. Additionally, as Fall is arriving, you can also try some of our warm-tone linen bedding to give your bedroom an uplift.

Use Texture in a Plain Space

Don’t feel driven to use bright colors to boost your appearance if your bedroom is all about neutral decor. Instead, accentuate contrasting textures with fringed duvet cover sets, or even an embroidered cushion to give the cream and beige colors more depth and a much-needed sense of coziness.

Quilts or Duvets for the Bed?

Both! We adore a soft linen duvet that can fold at the foot of the bed to add texture and volume, and for warmth, you can draw it up as required. Another option is to lay a linen quilt over the duvet at the foot of the bed. We advise putting a blanket on top of the duvet in winter for added warmth and comfort instead of flat sheets. The more layers you have, the more leisure it is to hold each side.


It is your turn to experience the luxury and finesse you have always craved. The season doesn’t matter when it comes to getting a decent night’s sleep. How you wake up in the morning mostly depends on your choice of bed and its bedding. Therefore, invest in some fresh bedding and avoid the chilly mess outside this fall and winter.

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