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Some things are unavoidable in life, such as a good night’s sleep. And for sound sleep, we need better bedding. Imagine crawling into your softest bed after a long day. Just the thought of it makes us feel like lying on the bed. Comfort is the only thing one needs at the end of the day. You might say that enhancing the chances of acquiring good sleep is not easy. But believe us when we tell you that getting good sleep is really that simple. 

According to research, although individual sleep requirements vary, most adults require between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, so many adults face problems falling asleep, or their sleep cycle is improper. You might have noticed being unproductive in your day-to-day activity when you don’t get enough sleep. An extra cup of coffee might help, but then again, too much caffeine intake is not healthy. Good sleep can improve your productivity and maximize your ability to solve problems. On the other hand, not getting enough sleep can affect your decision-making.   

You need good sleep in order to function better at work or generally to run a day. And owning good bedding is the way to get that much-needed rest. Soft and comfortable Luxury Linen bedding can improve your sleep cycle and give you a sense of leisure. It’s almost impossible to talk about linen bedding when softness and comfort are considered; it’s like they go hand in hand. What should all the factors be evaluated for quality bedding? Owning a bed large enough to meet your comfort comes foremost. Next up, your pillows should be soft and support you while giving you a sense of ease while lying down on them. Another integral factor is sleeping into sheets and blankets that provide warmth, coziness, and a safe place. It will be best to get some quality material for bedding sheets as a good fabric regulates your body temperature, like Pure Luxury linen bedding.  

Texture of the Fabric

The texture of the fabric plays a vital role in any good bedding. The touch should feel like a feather and compliment your skin whenever you lie down in bed. And we happen to know such a fabric which is linen. The 100% pure linen is durable, and its breathability keeps you cool in summer while warm and cozy in winter. Let us all delve into the luxury of linen bedding and complete that long-due snooze in your cozy bed. Being able to sleep on such bedding that absorbs away all the sweat and extra moisture is really a blessing. The soft and gentle touch of these sustainable linen bedding sheets sets will add that extra fluff to the bed. 


Counting on Thread Counts!

On the same note as sleeping well, good bedding is one the most common factors, and good bedding needs a high thread count. The higher the thread count is softer the sheets get. We keep talking about thread count, but what exactly is a thread count? A thread count is simply the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. But having a good thread count is not enough; a high-quality fiber is a basic need for better sleep. In fact, a better-quality fiber with a lower thread count can be better than a high thread counts of low-quality fiber.  

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Color Theme of your Bedroom

Choosing an appropriate color for your high quality sustainable linen bedding is essential as the bed is the most significant piece of furniture in any bedroom. Hence, it must match and go along with the theme of the entire bedroom. You might use some bright colors and patterns from our collection here at Live Linen to elevate the bedroom mood.  


Shades in Linen Bedding

Linen bedding in the slumber solid collection is the most proper fit if you love muted and subtle tones. No worries if you do not enjoy muted tones, linen bedding in this collection also includes some of the happiest and brightest colors. The display of our linen bedding collectively comprises quilts, bedsheets, pillowcases, and pure linen luxury duvet covers—all of the items solely designed by our artisans to give you a peaceful sleep. Similarly, the chambray collection of our linen bedding is charming in terms of color combinations, and they match the aesthetics of your bedroom on a new level. The striped collection is no less in this matter and wins our hearts for being so traditional and unique. Stripes have always made a style statement and will stand out among all the decor in the entire room. 

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Washing Frequency for Linen Bedding

Before even buying a good bedsheet, we start worrying about the wash & care for them. Thankfully, it’s not the case with linen bedding since linen gets softer with every wash. You will always get a better experience after each wash, and it is advised to wash your linens once a week to keep yourself hygienic and your skin smiling. 

Train Of Thoughts!

Finally, after all the reading, it’s time to bring some beautiful linens home. Furnish your abode with a beautiful work of art embellished with the love and efforts of many workers. The thoughts of our brand are to prioritize our patrons and give them utmost satisfaction. 

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