The Dilemma of Best Linen Table Covers

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Linen Table Covers

Table Covers! The choice of size, form, and fabric might be confusing for beginners, regardless of whether it is for practical reasons or is merely decorative.

We present you the most beautiful table linen collection with enticing stripes pattern, vintage ruffles, traditional stitches, and much more. Linen tablecloths are soft, delicate, and lovely to touch because of the purity of European Linens, and are essentials for dining with sophistication and elegance. If you were in the dilemma of the best table covers, read on!


The dining room serves as the center of attraction for family gatherings, a centerpiece of your interior, where you can gather with friends and guests to enjoy company. Therefore, much like your living room, it’s essential to arrange your dining room to appear more welcoming, relaxing, and visually pleasing. So, what is the simplest approach to make the space more aesthetically pleasing? Dress up the table with a luxurious linen table cover. Adding elegant candles, fresh flowers, and fine dining sets can elevate the appearance. It’s time to decorate your dining room with Live Linen  to make it a luxurious and chic space.

Pristine Table Covers

It’s far more hygienic to cover your tables with linen table covers instead of not covering them at all. Linens are hypoallergenic, which means they keep you away from bacteria and other allergies. Everything on the table, including the tablecloths, has to look neat and clean. With the softest and most pristine table linens, your fine dining sets can complement the beauty of delicious meals.

Pick The Ideal Table Covers

Finding the right table cover and size for your table is a precise process, and the only thing you need to get proper for your tablecloth is the appropriate shade and drop. You should select the most remarkable table linens that highlight the elegance of your dining area, regardless of the shape of the table square, rectangle, or round.


Your table cover should fit within a regular size. A tablecloth looks its finest when it hangs uniformly around the table, without sagging or skimping at the ends, and with just enough cloth on the sides. If it does not, no amount of fidgeting can make it look good. Thanks to our linen table covers, we make them in bespoke sizes and so flowy that they breeze with your conversations easily.

Sustainable Table Covers

Linen table covers and napkin sets are comparatively more durable and easy to care for. When you throw a feat at your home, your guests often use multiple paper napkins. As a sustainable brand, we advise you to use cloth napkins. A linen napkin that not only feels smooth but also saves our environment in one way or the other. Our skilled artisans make these tableware with love, care, and conscious efforts to make our surroundings more substantially friendly.

Easy Spilling

If you have kids at home or YOU are one (clumsy adult) and often find yourself dropping something on an empty table, linen table covers have to be your best pick. Spills are a fact of life at family dinners and parties. So, let us just resolve this with exquisite, easy-to-clean table linens. Since linens absorb moisture quickly and are easily washable, it is always a good idea to use linen table covers. Furthermore, the best part of our naturally dyed tableware is that it does not leave any mess behind and keeps the beauty intact.


Live Linen is a home for your dining decor with ample patterns, designs, and colors. If you’re someone who hosts dinner more often, table linen is a must-have element for your home. It gives an elegant vibe and warm feeling to people. Therefore, for anyone fond of vintage, sophisticated, and luxurious dinners, our table cover has you covered!

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