The Harmony Of Love and Linen

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It is not surprising that we’re in a deep love affair. We are in absolute comfort, the weather is perfect, and linen is the only thing one should be wearing right now. It is a fabric we have cherished for years, and it never fails to feel stylish, whether it’s a dress, a pair of pants, or a smart shirt.

However, linen is anything but an average fabric. Its extensive history has merged with contemporary creations to produce a material that has been in-trend over many generations, is really for everyone, and shows care for nature, making it a highly sought-after textile.

Because of how it is grown, harvested, processed, and cared for, linen fabric is unique. It originates from Linseed, a highly regarded flax plant that is one of the oldest cultivars of plants known. Additionally, it is the sole plant fiber with European origins. Let us run down a few reasons why love and linen go hand in hand.

Eras of Linen Perfection


One of the earliest textiles created, the beautiful fabric dates back around 10,000 years. Most people associate the textile with chic apparel and elegant home furnishings. Until the evolution of other fabrics in the late 1700s, the amazing fabric was a standard material for everyday clothes. It is said to be a treasure imported fabric from nations like India and China centuries ago, used to make outfits and house robes for wealthy men. 

High-end clothing like linen is valuable as it takes a long time to process the raw materials and weave the fabric. The fabulous material is exceptionally luxurious, and hence, people love it. Our European Linen has the most gentle touch and is a remark of luxury, and our collection includes numerous patterns, shades, and designs to choose from.

Linen's Love for Nature

The Linen Drizzle Shirt Dress is your friend when it’s too warm for a heavy coat yet too cold for a shirt or top. It features warmth and durability, is cut in a flowy yet flattering design, and is perfect for putting into a bag on a day out to get ready for the evening.

This workwear-inspired dress has charming design details, such as cute coconut husk buttons and a Kantha stitched collar. But also be ready for compliments when you wear this Pure Luxury linen dresses for an evening event. Choose from a variety of colors to find your ideal shade.

As one of the most nature-loving textiles, the gorgeous fabric continues to show impressive characteristics, such as utilizing minimal water for flax cultivation. Flax is a sustainable crop that farmers do not need to fertilize or irrigate during the growth period. During the procedure, usually there is no need for pesticides, and other parts of the plant make oil or edible flax seeds. Therefore, making linen does not leave any waste in the environment. Since linen is biodegradable, there isn’t any long-term environmental harm even after dumping it.

Why do we Love Linen?

Our Winter Collection includes gorgeous everlasting stripes, traditional Kantha stitches, and natural colors that are excellent additions to a rooted capsule wardrobe in earthy and natural tones. Our Linen Outfit For Summers has gorgeous collection of Linen shirts and pants. 
The comfort and luxury of 
linen have made it a top-selling fabric as people these days are looking for a high-end product that is also sustainable and enduring. Thus, its multiple benefits also make customers fall in with it.

In The End...

We are sure you are in love with our linens and all its remarkable properties, now more than ever. Build on a sophisticated appeal for your closet by adding a classic pieces or going all-linen with your home and clothing needs. Turn your home and closet into a haven of unrivaled comfort, well-being, and sustainable style throughout the year!

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