Tips to Fold Cutlery in Linen Napkins

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Silverware wrapped in linen napkins gives a charming touch to any table, whether you're setting up for a major event or simply want to spice up a supper at home. You can easily roll up your favorite silverware in the linen napkin for aesthetic purposes, so what are you waiting for? Make your silverware presentation spectacular by adding your preferred color and finishing touches!

If you are wondering where to start? Here are a few quick and simple methods to fold your exquisite linen napkins for your next party, including the traditional dinner napkin fold. Dress your table beautifully!


The Art of Folding


Napkin folding is a delicate craft that can lend a lovely finishing touch to any table. Many restaurants frequently look for subtle ways to wow customers, so why can't we? While adding elegance and luxury to any fine dining venue, linen dinner napkins can also be easy to style; they are often tucked beneath silverware or placed in glasses to enchant the table.


A Pocket of Napkins


When placed face down on a flat table, magnificent Linen Kitchen napkins fold in half vertically by crossing the right and left sides in a way that the edges should align uniformly. Moving on, you can fold the bottom, covering around three-quarters of the remaining surface. The top edge of the new bottom fold of the napkin can now touch the top edge of the prior bottom fold, and the edges should line up straight.

Furthermore, fold the left corner of the napkin over to meet the center. You will now have a little pouch in the folds on the left side. Fold the napkin over to the left side from the right side, tucking the bottom portion behind. Put your silver cutleries in the pocket, and you are good to go!


A Roll of Napkins

Well, here is another way to fold cutlery in your linen napkins. All you have to do is place the linen napkin on a level surface. Arrange the cutlery on top of the cloth and insert the knife diagonally. Ensure its tip extends beyond the napkin's edge by about a half-inch.

The knife is the most important piece of silverware to place since it will guide the rest of the cutlery. Fit it snugly to secure it from falling.

You can now place the spoon and fork directly over the knife once it is in the correct position.

Moving on to the next step, fold the bottom corner directly across the bottom ends of the silverware for the initial fold. Use your other hand to hold the silverware while you fold the napkin firmly.

Finally, roll the silverware into the linen napkin by folding one of the side corners over it. Be sure to fold everything tightly.

To keep the wrapping in place, roll your silverware one final time. And that's it; your silver is now wrapped beautifully!

The Bottom Line


You are certainly ready for your upcoming functions or gathering in your home now that you have practiced rolling silverware in linen napkins. A piece of silverware rolled in a good linen napkin is a simple yet exquisite decorative touch that makes your tables look professionally adorned. We're pleased to offer you some of our favorite napkin-folding methods.

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