Upcycle Linens for Christmas Decor

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If you celebrate Christmas, regardless of where you may be, this is likely when you start insidiously worrying about gifts, decorations, dinner preparations, and more. You're undoubtedly feeling the weight of the promises you made to your inner aesthete to make everything look original, polished, and ingenious. That's why we decided to go creative and show how you can upcycle items around the house to create stunning and unique Christmas decor.

Collecting things that are vintage is so fascinating, just like linens. They can give your home a phenomenal touch, especially when they are handcrafted. However, they are not required to be used in the same manner as they were previously. You can use them in many ways with little imagination and creativity! Here we are to show you some creative ways to use vintage linens!

Gift Packaging


This year, the furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping paper used to wrap everything from books to bottles to create functional carry bags, served as a noteworthy source of inspiration. Ingenious, eco-friendly, and even quicker than paper wrapping is furoshiki. Although furoshiki is a specific fabric, you can use old scarves, linen scraps, sheets, handkerchiefs, and other fabric scraps.


Candle Stand as Christmas Decor


A giant, enormous gift bow is one of the most versatile Christmas decor elements. In different settings, they act as eye-catching adornments. You can put them together with other recycled Christmas decor to make festive centerpieces, or perhaps you can use them as photo booth props.

Stay Subtle


Maximalism is not the foremost thing you should be keeping in mind when decorating for the holidays. Many like to hang a garland of evergreens above a door frame or fill a basket with large metallic embellishments. While you can also hang a delicate paper twig of mistletoe from the cabinet to create this subdued, soothing scene. Subtle, effortless, and enduring.

Deck Out the Door 


Christmas decor is definitely incomplete without seasonal decorations like wreaths, trees, ornaments, and garlands. A wreath that matches the garland you use to frame your door will finish the look. Before your visitors (and Santa!) enter your home, they will be in the festive spirit.

Stairway to Heaven


You can also string long red ribbons together to tie a lush garland as it is wrapped along the stairway. You can use our Linen Throw as Christmas decor on your stairway to make it look bewitching and fancy.




Bring your imagination beyond when the interior beautifully decorates. We have included a few easy-to-make outdoor Christmas decors so your porch can be festive in no time. Our lovely linens, genius tips, and your efforts can make this Christmas more special and memorable with a tweak of a conscious lifestyle.

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