What is The Difference Between Quilts and Duvets?

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Making your bed in the morning is not very tough, but choosing the right elements for your bed can be. There are endless choices as to how you can personalize your bed, including different kinds of mattresses, sheets made of various fabrics, and pillow sizes. The top layer is the most crucial decision if you want to make a warm, comfy, and gorgeous bed. The decision between a quilt and a duvet is also a difficult choice to make when it comes to selecting that top covering. There are cozy, plush sheets that make getting into bed a pleasure, soothing blankets to keep you warm on chilly winter nights, and a wide variety of bedding toppers. The main difference between quilts and duvets is that the latter is a cover that is softer and loftier than a quilt. 

Although an essential question emanates while talking about Quilts and Duvets: What makes them diverse, and why should you land on one over the other? The answer is: bedding topper serves a more decorative function than sheets and blankets, setting the tone for the look and feel of your bedroom. Consequently, it helps to know which kind of topper is the most elegant option for your bed when it’s time to give your bedroom a fresh look.


When someone talks about a quilt, so many memories come flooding back. Remember a quilt from your grandmother’s bed that she made herself. Or maybe the quilts bring back the memories of you making a blanket fort with your friends & siblings. But what exactly constitutes a quilt, other than cozy, hand-stitched overthrows of memories? A quilt comprises layers even though it appears to be one solid piece. Up to five or even six layers may be present in specific quilts. However, the typical quilt will only have three layers. The last layer would be the last substantial piece of fabric that perfectly ties everything together. The stitching that unites these layers creates the final traditional quilt aesthetic.

Why Quilts?

A quilt differs from a typical blanket such that it contains layers. Typically, a quilt has three layers: the front, the back, and the batting. A quilt’s backing features a simple pattern that serves as the top’s foundation. The show is where the crafters put colorful patches and embroidered embellishments. Hence, we create our quilts with a reversible traditional diamond design on the front and back. Our Hand Quilted Linen Quilts are warm yet lightweight that add aesthetic value to the bedding. Additionally, sleeping in layers on a bed can keep you warmer while maintaining the ability to swiftly cool off if you become too heated during the night. So why not go to bed in our lovely Linen Quilts tonight?


A duvet is a detailed covering element of the bedding that is fluffier and softer than a quilt. Duvets feature three layers: the batting, the front, and the back, just like quilts. The volume of any duvet’s filling determines how comfortable it can be. Hence, our Linen Duvet Covers enwrap the cozed-up duvets embroidered with endless affection and efforts of artisans. 

You can use the duvet cover as a lightweight cover in the summers and as additional blankets underneath the duvet in the winter. Our gorgeous collection of Linen Duvet Covers: Chambray, Slumber Solid, Lace Delight, and many more, are best to enwrap duvets in various styles, especially if you’re going for a modern or elegant look for your bedding. The stunning look of the linen fabric with ample classic styles and soft touches can easily sweeten your sleep time.

Why Duvets?

Too much weight can feel like a grueling experience for some people while trying to sleep. Although on the other hand, some people find that carrying around more weight is comforting and  helps them relax and fall asleep, just like swaddling a baby does. Contrary to most quilts, duvets comparatively have more weight to them. A duvet might solve your problem if you have trouble sleeping and don’t mind adding a little weight and comfort to your bed. Finally, our Linen Duvet Covers can make the process easier with luxurious designs and natural colors when it comes to comfort.

Reaching The Decision!

The themes of duvets and quilts are very different. Quilts have an unrivaled relaxing and classic charm that can induce warmth into your entire room, while Duvets give your bed a more modern and versatile look.

How you want your space to feel and look is entirely up to you. Just remember to weigh the pros and cons before choosing your favorite bedding elements, and enjoy your linens & slumber!

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