Why Owning Linen is the Best?

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In the era of all the best things, how to know what actually is the best? In the past few years, everyone has recognized how essential it is to get good sleep for your physical & mental health. And now we all value the sanctity of the bedroom more and more. Hence, our linen bedding can be of great help. This beautiful fabric is an essential component in most interior design picks and aesthetics. But also, it is a vital part of the slow fashion industry. Needless to say, people these days have grown an inclination towards slow & sustainable fashion. We’ve had a love affair with linen dresses primarily because of the flowiness and soothing glimmers of the fabric. Shall we take a peek into the unending list of reasons owning linen is the best decision?

Linen Lasts Forever

Unless you get bored of a linen outfit, you’re going to hold onto your closet. And we all know linen is not something you get bored of so easily. So here we are with the years of durability of your favorite linen outfit and still looking graceful while wearing it. This amazing fabric not only withstands multiple washes but also keeps the beauty intact even after all those fancy dinners, casual dates, and a quick run to the grocery store. The Live Linen Collection awaits your sweet arrival with elegant tops & dresses for women, shirts & pants for men, bedding, tableware, and whatnot!

Comfy, Cozy & Classy

The comfort you get when you put on linen wear or sleep into linen bedding is precisely why you will fall in love with it straight. The magnificent material has cuddle-worthy warmth in it for colder days. At the same time, the carefree breeze keeps you going all day long on the scorching hot days. We have always talked about the temperature-regulating qualities of this perfect piece of textile, the gentle whiff, and its versatility. Therefore, not repeating the same thing, we want you to discover the luxurious feeling you get while melting into your bed at the end of a long day. When you run your hands through this high-end material, that calm sensation is everything Live Linen wants you to experience.

It Normalizes Nature

Our mother nature deserves way more than we can ever reciprocate. When you enter the ecosystem of using linen products, you automatically set forth your love for nature. It grows from the flax plant and is a conscious fiber. Flax plants can flourish in various soil conditions and require very little water to sustain themselves. Additionally, every component of the flax plant creates a variety of goods, including varnishes and linen clothes. We bring forward a homegrown brand, which makes it our responsibility not to jeopardize nature while serving fashion and comfort to people.

Since we’re talking about nature, let us tell you about the natural appearance of this fabric. The beautiful wrinkles you might see on your lovelies look actually aesthetic, and those small, soft, irregular lumps enhance the charm of your home & style.

Why Live Linen?

If you’re someone who values experience more than any other thing, Live Linen is the right spot for you. Our products are made from 100% European linen and offer the purest form of love & luxury. This extremely versatile yet elegant fabric makes us fall in love all over again every day. Now it’s your turn to sense this supreme ecstasy while bringing them home. Thus, no more waiting for the ‘Best Things’ Train. Come on board for a gorgeous experience in home furnishing & clothing.

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