Wrinkled Linen- Why Adore and Flaunt Them?

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If you are one of those who love pressed and crisp, smooth linens, we love you, but if you are someone who loves linen for the lively, soft wrinkled, and not so perfectly smooth, we love you more! Unlike the popular beliefs, wrinkled linen is not your everyday creased, passable fabric but a beautiful natural fabric that exudes a spirited vibe with a carefree feel, something linen is master at providing. It’s displeasure for us to see people complaining about wrinkled linen. Well, that’s just linen being linen. It wrinkles but beautifully and honestly aces at that. Expecting linen to stop wrinkling is like asking a clown to stop being funny and a dog to stop being so cute! Literally. 

Hear us out; wrinkled linen is a blessing. Imagine wearing crisp ironed linen and start your day fresh and confident. Each fold of your arm and the slight crumples at the end of the day will serve as a beautiful reminder of the day’s episode. So how about celebrating the wrinkled linen,  and flaunting that lived in look. Clearly, linen is a fabric to stand for all the people on the move, and those carefree wrinkles are a beautiful sight to behold. The material’s natural texture is only enhanced with the crushed look, as it adds more character to it. 

Wrinkled linen or not, the fabric is a beautiful sonnet recited by nature and thus an excellent treasure for those who see beauty in every walk of life. This guide is for everyone who enjoys crisp linens, as well as those who wish for naturally wrinkled linens. Continue reading to find the answers to both in this blog piece.

Best Ways to Smoothen the Wrinkled Linens:

If you wish to step out of the house with crisp linen and later embrace each wrinkle throughout the day, here are some of the commonly used ways to achieve sliding smooth linens:

Ironing: The classic. Ironing can easily smoothen out wrinkled linen and give you the desirable crisp look. We’d suggest using iron on slightly damp linens for the best results. You can also use a little mist or spray some water. 

Starching: Using starch to treat wrinkled linen is not something we’ll suggest. However, it is yet another practice used for linen home furnishings linens especially. Before starching linen, make sure you read the label of your fabric or take it to a professional to do the starch.

Steaming: A steamer can also be of great help when it comes to wrinkled linen. It can easily do the heavy-duty for you and give the best results at home. 

Washing Care: Linen is an easy fabric when it comes to cleaning and washing; it can be easily washed in a machine, but if you want to get a smoother look, take them out immediately and dry it in an open space. Spead your damp linens or run your hands on the fabric to flatten any possible creases. You can also hand wash linens to get fewer crumples than the machine wash, as it is much more gentle for the fabric. 

Best Ways to Get & Enjoy Wrinkled Linen:

This is the best and easiest part about wrinkled linens. We understand how you prefer your linens now: lively, natural, imperfect, and just themselves. 
Let your imagination run wild when it comes to linens. Stuff them, fold them, crumble them and get your darling creases. Like we said earlier, wrinkles on linens are natural and easy to get. Simply tie that shirt around your waist if it’s too hot outside and slide it back on in a perfect air-conditioned room, and there you have them, perfect wrinkles for your relaxed look. Machine wash linens, then twist to rinse and dry them for a ruffled appearance without smoothing the surface.

So, natural crinkles or not, linen is a dreamy fabric in every form. At Live Linen, we have a beautiful collection of each for all linen connoisseurs. Take a peek and pick your ideal everyday companion with us!

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