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Summer Linen Clothing Collection 2023

A fresh breeze is approaching you with the comfort of our European Linens. As you already know, linen clothing is meant for summer because of the lightweight and airy look of the magical fabric. The linen’s charm really comes with the idea of wearing something loose and flowy to keep you going all day long. 

Thinking of a beach holiday or a quick picnic date? Worry not. Our European Linens got you covered with the most soothing and gentle touch, allowing your skin to breathe. On days of scorching heat, we would love you to beat it with the finesse and elegance of handcrafted linens. Since the linen is made out of flax plant, which is more sustainable than most of the fabrics, we wear these days. In this era of fast fashion, it only makes sense to take a turn toward the path of conscious and slow fashion to keep yourself away from the guilt trip.

A Staple Summer Linen Closet

The staple summer linen closet is incomplete without a pair of linen clothes. For the days when you are likely to get sunstroke, our linen dresses for women and linen shirts for men will make you feel calm and composed when the sun is on your head. The intricate designs and bright choice of colors in each creation can elevate your fashion game. With the treasured and timeless fabric, you will never run out of the outfit to rock any look for the day. 

Our linen dresses for women include beautiful lacework around the waistline, the sleeves, and the collar adorned with the sleek finishing of Kantha stitching, in so many vivid and gorgeous colors just to make you feel delighted and free from the heat waves of summery noons.

A perfect collection of our linen shirts for men consists of traditional stitches of Kantha running needlework, the sustainable touch of coconut husk buttons, and the luxurious look of reliable European Linens.

Linen Moana Midi Dress

Linen Moana Midi Dress

A pretty V-neck Linen Moana Midi Dress with vertical lacework running down can make you look stunning in this scorching heat. The comfortable loose fit of our European Linens is a match made in heaven for the ones who love to stay carefree and flowy all day long. The sleeves create a harmonizing vibe everywhere they are carried, with a bit of lace around the quarter of the sleeves while the soft pleats show delicately. Additionally, the gentle creased work around the chest line delivers a refined breezy appearance. 

Linen Oak Shirt

Linen Oak Shirt

One of the bestsellers of Live Linen is the dashing Linen Oak Shirt with a whiff of comfort and luxury. A simple and sleek for the men who like to keep it simple. We have designed this shirt keeping in mind the comfortable fit while being conscious about the materials we use to embellish the beauty of our European Linens. A pocket on the front with a classic collar can easily win your heart over multiple times.

Closing Up!

This is your sign to order perfectly gorgeous summer linen clothing to keep your nerves cool and relaxed when the sun blazes up on your head. Buy this exquisitely crafted Linen Moana Midi Dress for yourself or someone you know, and of course, Linen Oak Shirt, which can prove to be kind not only to your skin but to nature as well. 

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