Linen vs. Cotton: Which Fabric Is Best For Summer?

So, finally, it’s that time of year when we change our wardrobe to welcome the summer. But that one constant question all season- What to buy? All of us want to keep up with current styles but don’t want to loos the comfort too. Thus we need a fabric that is soft and airy to […]

Why Linen Dresses Are A Must-Have In Your Summer Wardrobe

In the summer, you want simple, relaxed linen dresses for women that you can wear with a variety of items in your closet and that don’t require a lot of extra maintenance. In the hotter summer months, linen truly shines. It looks wonderful on its own or layered on chilly evenings. Besides being light in […]

One Linen Dress, 4 Different Looks

Linens can be so beautiful when it comes to comfort and luxury. A comfortable dress that feels soothing and a delight to own is a must-have for any closet. There cannot be any ambiance without the luxury and sophistication of our European Linens. For spending a cheerful and easy-going day, a luxury Linen Maxi Dress […]