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Can You Iron Linen? Tips on How To Iron Linen Perfectly

How To Iron Linen Perfectly

Linen is a material that promises a comfort unattainable by other fabrics. This lightweight and breathable clothing wraps you like a dream and keeps you easy-breezy on those hot summer days. But when it comes to premium clothing, there is always a catch! You cannot purchase the softest fabric ever and not worry about its […]

Does Linen Shrink In The Dryer? Linen Drying Guide

can put linen in the dryer

Linen is one of the softest, most breathable, and premium fabrics out there. When you go out for that year’s first summer shopping spree, you are searching for linen office shirts. And that’s not it. This fabric is also famous for its bedding and blankets. While buying this high-quality material, you might wonder, “How do […]

Latest Collection – Harmony Collection from Live Linen

Introducing our latest launch with the harmony of handcrafted love and eternal fashion. We bring you gorgeous floral patterns with stripes to have you flaunting in a slow fashion. The crafted block prints and artisanal passion make our new collection so remarkable. Each with detailed stitching unveils the endless luxury. The Art of Block Printing […]

Organizing An Event..? Add Linen Cherry To The Cake

Summer is all about unwinding new ideas, thoughts, and life, isn’t it..? And what is life without friends and family? Nowadays while planning a party or event with your gang, it is not only about being too concerned about flower arrangements or table sets. There is much more to go. Linen is the new language […]

Part II – How Is Linen Made?

Linen-making is a tough and time-consuming task. In order to extract the linen fibres, the flax plants are cut down or pulled out of the ground using a hand. This pulling process generally makes finer linen. Once the seeds are extracted in the winnowing or ripping operation, the process further follows in removing the plant […]

Part I – How Is Linen Made?

Linen is a renowned textile, which is widely known for its sustainability and durability. Owing to its incredible elegance and highly cool texture, Pure Linen is extremely valued around the world, especially during summer. It is such a rich fabric that it maintains the uppermost place even in this era when the industry is flooded […]

Host a Perfect Dinner with Table Linens

A good idea can be to add value to the special time spent with friends and family. Creating a safe and beautiful space to nourish your mind, soul, and stomach for everyone at the table is a prime thing to do while hosting a dinner. This can be a golden chance for you to connect […]

3 Tips for Sweetening your Sleep with Linen Bedding

Is there something that you’re missing out on in your life because of not being able to sleep soundly and peacefully? The fact that good sleep is so essential for even processing the simplest things on an ordinary day. Our linen bedding can save you from this endless streak of tossing and turning all night […]