Which Linen Fabric Is The Best

Linen is a naturally grown fabric which is widely used in clothing, bedding, and other decorative items of home fashion. Owing to its superior quality and exceptional durability, natural linen ranks at the top of the textile industry. For some, linen is love, for some, it is luxury, while for others it is just a piece of clothing. If you are one of those people who want to know this premium fabric in detail, this blog is just for you. There happens to be a variety of linen fabrics. Here is this article today, we will try to find out which is the best linen fabric available in the market. Let us scroll down with us and take a dig in detail. 

Types of Linen

If you are also among those who think linen is just a single type and quality of fabric used for a number of purposes, then wait. That’s not the fact. The fact is, linen, is a fabric that arises in different types and from different regions. Moreover, the quality of your linen is determined by the quality of the texture, thread count, weaving pattern, lea type, and place of origin. So if you are also wondering how many types of linen are there. Here you go for a sneak peek. 

Linen By Weaving Patterns 

While there occurs several methods by which linen is woven, here we have mentioned some of the commonly seen weaving patterns in linen fabric. The different types of linen based on the weaving pattern are:

  • Damask linen, 
  • Twill weave linen,
  • Herringbone linen,
  • Closely-woven linen, 
  • Plain woven linen, and 
  • Loosely woven linen. 

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Lea in Linen 

Lea type refers to the quality of a linen fabric. In simple words, it refers to how thick is the thread. Though there are different types of lea in linen, the most common ones include 25 lea, 40 lea, and 70 lea. Check out the detailed classification. 

25 lea – It is an extremely broadly woven type of linen cloth.  Due to the highly rough texture, this quality is not preferred for garment making. However, 25 lea linen is largely in making home decor items like curtains, cushions, aprons, and table cloths. 

40 lea – This is one of the most popularly used categories of linen fabric in the industry. 40 lea is quite densely woven in comparison to 25 lea and is used for both clothing and home furnishing stuff. 

70 lea – With the best-in-class 170 GSM, 70 lea is regarded as the best quality linen fabric in the market. It is used for making premium linen products of all ranges. From bags to throws and comfy loungewear to men’s and women’s formal clothing, this range of linen has its space everywhere. 

Origin of Linen 

Linen is basically sourced from the fibres of the flax plant. This plant is grown largely in Europe and in a few regions of Asia and America. Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, and Ireland are some of the prominent European countries that bring out high-quality crops of linen flax plants. In general, all of them collectively represent European Linen. On the basis of origin, you may popularly find:

  • Belgian Linen,
  • French Linen, 
  • Irish Linen,
  • Indian linen,
  • Japanese linen, and 
  • Chinese linen

On the other hand, Egypt and Georgia are acknowledged as the oldest grower of linen flaxseed. Subsequently, India, Japan, and China are the leading fabricators of pure linen flaxseed in Asia. Fine-quality linen fibres are cultivated in a few parts of India. It is primarily grown in Kochi, Kerala and in the Bhagalpur city of Bihar. Besides being the major source of linen in India, they are also global exporters of this fabric to renowned international fashion brands. 

       On the contrary, the quality of Chinese linen is quite inferior as compared to other origin countries and hence linen of China dawns relatively low prices. Furthermore, Russia and Canada also hold the position of significant linen producers in the world. Overall, owing to its rich quality, European Linen is considered to be of the best quality among all the countries. 

Closing Up With Oeko-Tex Certified Linen…

Each of the aforementioned places gives rise to linen of different standards depending upon the climate conditions, soil quality, and other factors that affect the health of the flax plant. You can choose the best one according to your preference and budget. However, emphasize buying only Oeko-Tex Certified linen dresses, sheets, or any other stuff to be certain of the quality and authenticity. Apprécier..!

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