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Linen Bedding

Linen Bedding will transport you to a world of luxury and comfort, with a range crafted to provide peaceful slumbers while allowing your skin to breathe. Take a look below.
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More About Linen Bedding

Linen bedding can take your comfort to a whole new level with its breathability and easy moisture absorbing qualities. If you have sensitive skin or have trouble falling asleep, switching to linen bedding could be a game-changer. Fabric’s beauty will never cease to amaze you with its timeless aesthetics. To embrace the excellence of linen bedding, we crafted a wide range of products for your bed, including-
Linen Duvet Cover Sets- The linen bedding section is incomplete without some duvet cover sets, and this is why we are proud to present our most gorgeous pieces under this section. Here you’ll find a plethora of ideas brought to life for your elegant taste and lifestyle. Here are a few of our personal favorites:
  • Needled- Bordered with threadwork, these duvet cover sets are beautifully adorned with thread details on the borders. They look neat and highly polished for a clean look.
  • Fringe Me Kantha- Perfect duvet covers for anyone who enjoys fringes. They appear fashionable and refined, with a hint of handcrafted details. The collection is stunning and ideal for elevating your interiors, with the perfect blend of sophistication and grace.
  • Chambray- Our Chambray collection can spot a balance of twin threads. Witness a beautiful blend of two colored flex yarns intertwined beautifully, forming a smooth linen fabric that embraces you with endless comfort.
  • Lace Delight- The adorable laces can win everyone’s heart, and this beautiful range is designed to showcase exactly that. The collection is beautifully presented with soft lacework around the edges of the duvet cover set. It is elegant and very subtle to match every indoor and aesthetics.
  • Monochrome Lace- If black and white calls for your attention, this beautiful assortment is waiting for you, outlined with monochrome lace. It is elegant and very classic for everyday use. They can not just protect your comfy duvets but also add a touch of oomph to your abode.
  • Slumber Solid- Subtle solids for every mood and abode! We have some incredible solid linen duvet cover sets for your simple taste of living. They are available in a beautiful color palette to suit your requirements.
Linen Bedsheets- There is no doubt a fitted sheet can completely change your bedroom’s looks and spruce it up. Made from 100% Belgian Linen, the bedsheets are one of our bestsellers from our Linen Bedding online. Handcrafted with love, we have three gorgeous variants available in our linen bedsheets section: slumber solid, striped, and chambray bedsheets.
Linen Quilts- Are you looking for something that will keep you warm and comfortable? Get your hands on one of our lovely linen quilts, which have been lovingly handcrafted and quilted for you. There are primarily two options in this selection:
  • Hand Quilted- In this style, our skilled artisan hand quilts your purchase to ensure the equal distribution of fabric and cotton. It is soft and ideal to accompany you throughout the year.
  • Hand Tucked- You’ll fall in love with the hand-tucked thread details on our lovely and comfortable quilts. They are elegantly designed with contrasting tuck details all over the surface for your fine aesthetic taste while keeping you warm and comfortable.
Why Go For Live Linen?
Linen is your one-stop-shop for the best Belgian linen, manufacturing dreams, and dreamy linen bedding, outfits and other home furnishings. With every finesse created here, you can see a slow romance blooming between linen and our expert artisans. We recommend getting something from the collection above if you’re looking for the best linen bedding in India.
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