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Linen Table

Linen Table collection provides magnificence and comfort with a selection designed to make everyday meals a spectacular experience. Don’t believe us; review these pretty linens out by yourself.

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Linen Table collection can help you reach other levels of comfort and grandeur in your dining, and it has its aesthetic value and sustainability. The eternal beauties of this fabric will leave you stunned. Experience the luxury with Live Linen’s tableware. There’s so much variety to explore and fall in love with. Let’s have a glimpse at some of our personal favorites down below:
Linen Napkin Sets:  Whether at a picnic or a formal dinner, the first thing we look for is a napkin. Linen Napkin sets have such a great textile they never leave any lint on you. You can use them on different occasions and seasons. Here you’ll find plenty of ideas for elegance and style; some of them are:
  • Hand-block printed napkin set: The hand block prints on the linen fabric will have you swooning. These include- Linen Ama Napkin set, Linen Era Napkin Set, and Linen Suka Napkin Set. These hand-block prints are assembled with love and affection, especially for our buyers, offering their unique color pallets and formations. Each pattern is inspired by nature, bringing you a step close to her profound beauty.
  • Better Together Napkin Set: As the name suggests, they’re better together; the color combinations of these linen napkin sets are something to have in your dining. Check out the beautiful linen table assortment above to find something that’ll call for your attention.
  • Chambray Napkin Set: Chambray is a subtle inspiration made by inter-weaving twin threads together. It is beautifully intertwined with two colored flax cords and provides unbeatable comfort and an everyday pattern to flaunt.
  • Fringe Me Kantha Napkin Set: Our fringe me Kantha variant is the perfect mix of refinement and grace. Modest fringes run along the edges of these napkins, which are further embraced with contrasting color running thread lines to add more beauty to the overall design.
  • Lace Napkin Set: Linen is already the hallmark of sophistication and minimalism. To add to this minimalist and elegant look, we have a vast range of lace napkin sets, including linen monochrome lace and lace delight napkin sets under our table linen categories.
Linen Placemat Set: Say goodbye to your boring dining room tablecloths and hello to our lovely linen table placemat sets. For etiquette and style, placemats should be your first choice to complement your silverware. You’ve come to the right place if you’re tired of looking for the perfect table linen online. The following are some of our best-selling items:
  • Linen Hand-block Placemat Set: Live Linen provides you with three different kinds of handcrafted block prints that are Era, Ama, and Suka linen placemat sets. Each takes inspiration from mother nature.
  • Linen Needled Placemat Set:  The detailed needled work will leave heart-throbbing. These linen-needled placemats are worth it with running needled handwork on the hem of the placemats.
  • Linen Bordered Placemat Sets: Borders are significant to set a status of grace and chicness. Elevate your lifestyle with our Linen Ruffle Medley Placemat Sets, Linen Fringe Me Good Placemat sets, and Linen Fringe Me Kantha placemat Sets on a linen table.
Tablecloth: Inviting guests can be fun if you have an appealing dining setting at home. Our linen tablecloths are not only enduring but look amazing in your dining, giving you a chic experience.
Table Runner: Table runners are narrow lengths of fabric typically placed at the center of the table across it as a decorative item to complement your home decor. Having table runners is an excellent way to bring focus to your centerpiece. These come in multiple assortments; some are hand-block print, detailed fabrics like chambray, fringe me Kantha, and our lavish laces.
Why Go For Live Linen?
Well, First of all, why not? When you’re getting all the shopping needs under one roof, from linen garments to bedding, from tableware to accessories it’s a dream come true. Live Linen provides you with personalized embroidered elements and details on your selected items, giving a shape to your imaginations. Whether you want to give it to your loved ones or treat yourself with some self-love, we got you covered. Pick the best, pick Live Linen! Another reason to fall in love with us if you’re looking for the best table linen India has to offer is that our brand is built on the foundation of sustainability.
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